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CATHERINE D. ANSPON OBSERVES FROM HIGH SOCIETY'S 50-YARD LINE. PHOTOGRAPHY FULTON DAVENPORT. TOUCHDOWN! AN EVENING WITH THE (TOM) BRADY BUNCH AT MAISON THRASH SEPTEMBER | PAGE 20 | 2014 for Best Buddies FINAL SCORE? "WE MADE $900,000! ON A TUESDAY AT HOME WITH 166 PEOPLE! CRAZY, RIGHT?" — CHAIRMAN AND HOST BECCA CASON THRASH PIGSKIN IS SO IN W hile most wingdings and fund- raisers at the home of John and Becca Cason Thrash are marked by the presence of exquisite designer ensembles, for once fashion took a back seat to another accessory: the pigskin. Three-time Super Bowl-victor QB Tom Brady was the headliner, you see, for a wildly clever benefit that appealed to football diehards and swans alike (and a few of those could be one and the same). Natch, it didn't hurt that Brady's fabled arm is matched by swoon-worthy looks and a marriage to supermodel Gisele Bündchen. And what better chair for the inventive sporting night — which read like a Super Bowl-winning playbook for the smartest social set — than Miz Thrash, whose own dad, Jim Thrash, was a star college player who made it to the Cotton Bowl and then the NFL, and afterwards became a celebrated TV sports announcer in South Texas. NFL PLAYMAKER + A KENNEDY I n the words of the chair: "In honor of Tom — arguably the best quarterback to play football since Joe Montana — I decided to make it a 'sportive' evening with gents in jackets, no ties. We converted the swimming pool into a football field compliments of Richard Flowers and The Events Company, then conducted a fun and spirited Q&A along with [Best Buddies founder and chairman] Anthony [Kennedy] Shriver, asking Tom about everything from fashion to football. One question that received huge laughs was: 'You obviously have been getting fashion advice in recent years, including wearing a bright blue Tom Ford satin jacket to the Met Gala. What advice would you give to the 'straight' guys in the room? He even laughed before replying: 'Don't be afraid to experiment and think out of the box. But always be true to yourself.'" As engaging as the star quarterback was Michael Iovine, an aspiring actor served by Best Buddies who movingly spoke; Iovine generated applause when he confessed to being a lifelong Patriots fan and noted that he and Brady share the same California hometown. GRIDIRON — AND PHILANTHROPIC — GLORY T he details were worthy of a march to the end zone, with star chefs David Cordúa, Bryan Caswell and Donald Chang dishing up a seated dinner that was better than the tastiest tailgate party. For libations, Moët & Chandon flowed and flowed; the luxury spirit house also contributed a rare vintage Hennessy cognac that went for an impressive $10,000 in the silent auction. Now, about that auction. Posh purveyors galore — Tenenbaum & Co., Hublot, Bulgari and more — donated swanky silent auction goods. Lucky Courtney Hopson acquired fab earrings from Tenenbaum & Co., while Ernie Cockrell gifted wife Stephanie with the Buccellati earrings. Dashing Cliffe Reckling won the Bulgari serpent watch. Mica Mosbacher will be sporting Van Cleef vintage diamond earrings. Going really wild were Vanessa and Chris Bruegger, nabbing both the Hublot timepiece and the aforementioned tony Hennessy. More drama played out on the live auction field. Miz Thrash personally crafted each of the absolutely unrivaled travel experiences, and bidding wars broke out. Ever the convincing auctioneer, this chair lady coaxed, charmed and cajoled the crowd to bid for Best Buddies. Christie's or Sotheby's could take lessons. She divulged details from the block: "Richard and Jana Fant and David and Jennifer Ducote teamed up with a group of chums to chip in on the yacht adventure. The trip to Boston then Hyannis Port went to Mindy Hildebrand for $70,000. Luba and Alan Bigman bought the trip to France for $60,000 then Terri and John Havens bought it again for same amount." To top off the coffers, Monsieur Brady tossed pigskins to five big- pocketed fans — note to the ladies: Don't attempt a catch in Louboutins — who shelled out $5,000 each for the privilege of a signed football and bragging rights about having played with the New England Pats' leading man. Final score? Our chair revealed, "Including post-event donations, we made $900,000! On a Tuesday at home with 166 people! Crazy, right?" Tom Brady Carl Lewis Michael Iovine Mary Cullen Devinder Bhatia Francine Ballard Catching the $5,000 pass John Havens Jeff Hildebrand Michael Gamson Javier Loya Gary Petersen Glen Gonzalez Greggory Burk Katherine Phelps Tony Bradfield Tom Brady Host John Thrash Ernie Cockrell Stephanie Cockrell Kevin Black Adriana Banks Shelby Hodge Mickey Rosmarin Vanessa Bruegger Chris Bruegger Jennifer Ducote Mindy Hildebrand Mica Mosbacher Kara Childress Tom Brady Bob Devlin Allie Fields Caroline Walter Estela Cockrell Jana Fant Richard Fant Donald Chang David Cordúa Bryan Caswell Phoebe Tudor Annie Amante Cliffe Reckling Ray Childress Monsour Taghdisi Sabiha Rehmatulla Lucinda Loya Gina Bhatia Host & Chairman Becca Cason Thrash Anthony Shriver Rhonda McDonald Tom Brady

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