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Art for Dad's Sake What: Father's Day fête at BB1 Classic, unveiling the Upper Deck Gallery. Who: Owners Calli and Julian Saitowitz; mixed-media artists Randy Bessire, Michelle Turner Ellis, Jim N. Hill, Andrew Groocock, Chaz, Chris Menconi, and Michele Cruz; and discerning collectors including Donna Vallone, and Alex and Astley Blair. PC Moment: Getting a sugar high courtesy of Araya Artisan Chocolate while debating the perfect Father's Day gift: a canvas by John Ross Palmer or cuff links made from an ancient Roman coin by Melissa Braniff. Mexi Gremillion TARA NELSON Donna Vallone, Calli Saitowitz Jessica Bessire, Randy Bessire Jenee Stefanakis, Lillyana Stefanakis Moira Morris, Melissa Braniff Astley & Alex Blair Andrea Tellepsen with Hudsen © 2014 Texas Children's Hospital. All rights reserved. PFW549_050514 When you're pregnant, you take your life in your hands as well as someone else's. Who will this person be? If she or he needs help or if you need help where do you go? Texas Children's Pavilion for Women knows about high risk. Our na•onally renowned experts have treated the most complex cases and the fears that come with them again and again and again. Reassurance can be found in receiving the best possible care. We know how precious life is, the baby's and yours. Here for life. PFW549_ad_HFL_HR_EScrib_PaperCity_Layout 1 5/5/14 12:55 PM Page 1 Even More in Store V I L L A G E A R C A D E 5515 Kelvin Rd • Houston • (713) 521-4466 From iconic Cast Iron to our new Stainless Steel, the Le Creuset Signature Store in Houston has every dish covered.

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