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JANUARY | PAGE 22 | 2015 CATHERINE D. ANSPON VENTURES INSIDE AND INVESTIGATES THE PAINTER 'S ROOTS IN HOUSTON ART HISTORY. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL . After a decade of jaunting off to and living in exotic ports of call — Shanghai, Dakar, Dubai, London, Rotterdam and Hong Kong, where he wed fellow artist Charlie Koolhaas — Houston-born and -raised talent Angelbert Metoyer is home, reconnecting with people and places that shaped his metamorphosis from a teen prodigy in the 1990s into today's internationally exhibited painter/installationist. How did he go from being an academically errant eighth grader who daydreamed and got lost in drawing to a successful artist at home on many continents whose practice intersects the realms of music and science? And what is Metoyer's art really about? Many of the clues to both these questions reside in his West University home and Project Row Houses studio, which have never been photographed — until now. THE HOUSE AND STUDIO OF THE VERY PERIPATETIC ANGELBERT METOYER A pensive Metoyer amidst studio works including a gold-dusted water buffalo head and, upper left, one of his well-known baby images, which prefigure son Zi's birth in 2012.

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