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CATHERINE D. ANSPON PAINTS THE TOWN. PHOTOGRAPHY JAY TOVAR, OZIEREN. TWO BLOCKBUSTER EVENINGS FOR THE DIVINE Mi Minter THE CANVAS: Opening Night for "Marilyn Minter — Pretty/Dirty" Retrospective. WHITE CUBE: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. SUBJECT MATTER: Artist Marilyn Minter; exhibition co-curator Bill Arning of the CAMH; Nina and Michael Zilkha with pal/Warhol Factory confidant Glenn O'Brien, creator of the infamous TV Party and GQ's current The Style Guy, with wife/PR maven Gina Nanni, both in from NYC; R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe; Houston troubadour Zahira Gutierrez of the Wild Moccasins in Minter-worthy blue- green lipstick; gallerists Barbara Davis, Zoya Tommy, and Josh Pazda; Elizabeth Satel Young and Barry Young; Erica and Benjy Levit; artist Marisa Miller (who told us she designs sex toys; Miz Minter would no doubt approve); Houston painter Paul Kramer; and future CAMH headliner artist Mark Flood. PC MOMENT: Talk about wet and wild: More than 400 true believers braved rising flood waters to attend the grand opening of Minter's nationally touring exhibition, which debuted that night and runs through August 2. The provocative oversized paintings and photographs of dirty glitter, melting makeup and looming lips provided the ultimate step-and-repeat. JUNE | PAGE 10 | 2015 THE CANVAS: An intimate gathering the following night to toast Marilyn Minter's CAMH retrospective. WHITE CUBE: Lucinda and Javier Loya's glamorous abode. (The Loyas were co-chairs of this spring's big CAMH gala bash.) SUBJECT MATTER: Woman of the evening Marilyn Minter and husband Bill Walker; CAMH director Bill Arning, board chair Bill Goldberg, and curators Valerie Cassel Oliver and Dean Daderko; Adam Lerner, director, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (co-organizer and the next stop for the exhibition); collectors Barbara and Michael Gamson, Marita and J.B. Fairbanks, and Mady and Ken Kades; Tenenbaum & Co.'s Tony Bradfield and Kevin Black; Tara and Shane Treleaven; Minter posse/fellow artists Ryan McGinley, Laurie Simmons, and Mary Heilmann, all popping in from Manhattan; NYC-based art historian Linda Yablonsky, who spoke at the museum earlier that day; Salon 94 curator Fabienne Stephan (the artist's NYC dealer); and, in from L.A., Regen Project director/gallerist Lindsay Charlwood, who represents Minter on the West Coast, with beau Ryan McKenna. PC MOMENT: Guests arrived in "Pretty/Dirty" attire, as requested, and were greeted at the door by models in slinky gold and silver catsuits with makeup awry, all in homage to the divine Miz Minter. Visible Changes makeup mistress Myrna Hermida transformed partygoers via an adroit application of glitter embellishments worthy of a Minter painting — Denver museum man Adam Lerner got a Medusa treatment. Barbara Davis at CAMH J.B. Fairbanks at Loyas' Host Javier Loya Steven Hempel at Loyas' Ryan McGinley Host Lucinda Loya Marilyn Minter Max Fields, Zahira Gutierrez at CAMH Josh Pazda at CAMH Randy Twaddle at CAMH Michael Floyd at CAMH Kenya Evans Barry Young at CAMH Elizabeth Satel Young Channeling "Pretty/ Dirty" at Loyas' McKay Otto at Loyas' Connie McAllister, Valerie Cassel Oliver at Loyas' Glenn O'Brien at CAMH Jon Hopson at CAMH Debra Barrera, Sally Glass at CAMH Connie McAllister Chris Goins Bill Arning at CAMH Michael Stipe at CAMH Marilyn Minter Benjy Levit at CAMH Laurie Simmons at Loyas' Marilyn Minter Linda Yablonsky Erica Levit Tony Bradfield Bill Arning at Loyas' Michael Stipe Michelle Aviña at Loyas' Steven Hempel

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