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FEBRUARY | PAGE 35 | 2016 Stopping Traffic for Children at Risk What: Children at Risk Accolades Luncheon. Where: Hotel Zaza. Who: Honorary chair Molly Gochman; honorees State Representative Senfronia Thompson, Senator Joan Huffman, and Dr. Claire Bocchini; Children at Risk president/CEO Bob Sanborn; supporters Carolyn Farb, David Cordua, Kyle Jennings, Marcia Feldman, and Andrew Linbeck. PC Moment: Artist and human- trafficking activist Gochman introduced the Red Sand Project, an art installation that raises awareness about modern- day slavery by encouraging supporters to fill sidewalk cracks with red sand and document on social media. More than 300 guests raised $260,000 to help stop human trafficking in Texas. Anne Lee Phillips ROSWITHA VOGLER Bob Sanborn Honorary chair Molly Gochman Jane Bocchini, Honoree Claire Bocchini Todd Latiolais Kiki Martire, Milessa Lowrie David Cordua, Carolyn Farb Mark Graber, Dennis Hensley Frances Nguyen, LaPorcha Carter Paul Carter Jamey Caruthers Tina Hatcher, Dora Beadles, Karen Stauffer Mandi Kimball Honoree Joan Huffman Ron White, John Talbot Kyle Jennings Ellen Sanborn, Sandie Jordan Honoree Senfronia Thompson Katie McConnell Rashena Flagg, Kat Gallagher Fine Lingerie & Swimwear in Highland Village 4 0 0 3 B W E ST H E I M E R M A I S O N J O L I E .C O 7 1 3 8 5 0 1 3 6 2

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