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2000 2001 2003 2002 >> Arts editor Catherine D. Anspon ventures to Moscow twice for PaperCity — in 2001 for the Glassell Gold exhibition lent by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, to the mighty Pushkin Museum, and again a decade later, trailing FotoFest's Meeting Place sponsored by Russian power art couple Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich. >> It was Chalet Chic and Alpine Madness on our cover. >> Nellie Connally is honorary chair at Saks Fifth Avenue's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (in the Pavilion on Post Oak). Frenchy Falik calls her Sara Lee: "No one doesn't like her." Bob Mackie is there. >> Ricky and Sandra di Portanova pass away in 2000, and we can't get enough of the di Portanova saga — we shoot fashion in their former home, Sandcastle, which is now offered for sale by Martha Turner for $4.5 million. When we put a mustache on model Hunter Sullivan, >> The first PaperCity Party Book hits the stands with an index of who appears and how many times. >> It's the debut of Social Soup! Money. Power. Fashion. Booze! Twin Peaks: Benjy Levit is Marc Jacobs, Paul Hobby is George W. Bush, Andrew Echols is Julian Schnabel. Still spot on. >> Editors Mia Jones and Karen Sommer Shalett join the SEAL Physical Training Course, with a 4 am start time for 10 days. Guess who drops out Day 1, after 20 minutes. >> Our crew jumps aboard Swiss International Air Lines, flies to headquarters in Zurich and Basel, photographs with Ford model Kristy Hinze (who later marries Netscape billionaire James Clark), channeling Julie Christie in Darling, and flies home. A well-spent 24 hours. >> We shoot designer Michael Dale's Palladian-inspired house just after he retires. We spell it Palladium, as in the nightclub. Anguish. >> Chuck Close is at Blaffer Gallery. >> We look inside the refrigerators of Jackson Hicks and Randy Powers. Why? >> The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's Heroic Exhibition with 204 works on loan from the Museum of Modern Art, while it undergoes restoration. >> We shoot spring fashion in Marfa. We hardly knew where that was. And in fall we shoot in Venice. >> Bridget Jones Diary launches, and droves of women turn out at Brazos Bookstore, chipped nails and all, to meet author Helen Fielding. >> A model climbs atop stacked-up furniture for a sky- high shoot inside a not–yet-completed penthouse at Giorgio Borlenghi's Villa D'Este high-rise, making for a most memorable issue cover. Is that Milton Townsend in his modeling days, guest-starring? >> Remember Y2K? >> We photograph fashion in the new Beck Building, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, while art is still being loaded in. THE OPPORTUNITY TO IMPART TO THE PAGE — AND NOW TO DIGITAL SPACE — THE SCOOP ON THE ART WORLD AND ITS PLAYERS HAS BEEN HUGE. THE STORIES THAT STAND OUT ARE ALL FIRST PERSON: CHATTING WITH JULIAN SCHNABEL ON TWO OCCASIONS; A TRANSATLANTIC HOUR- LONG PHONE INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL CRAIG-MARTIN IN 2015, AND EXCHANGING EMAILS WITH NATE LOWMAN AND DAVID SALLE. BUT IF THERE WAS ONE STORY THAT RESONATED ABOVE ALL, IT WAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASK, "WHO WAS CAROLINE WIESS LAW?" OUR NOVEMBER 2005 ARTICLE EXAMINED HER TRANSFORMATIONAL $500 MILLION BEQUEST TO THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, HOUSTON, AND FEATURED INTERVIEWS WITH FRANCES AND PETER MARZIO, JACKSON HICKS AND PERSONAL ASSISTANT JO MARSH. THEN OUR PROFILE AND PHOTO SHOOT WITH CHRISTOPHER ROTHKO AT THE ROTHKO CHAPEL, ABOUT HIS FATHER'S LEGACY FOR THE SEPTEMBER 2015 ISSUE, MAY BE THE MOST TIMELESS. — Catherine D. Anspon, Executive Editor/Visual Arts, Features, 18 years FRENCHY FALIK'S SOCIAL SEEN WHAT'S HOT WHAT'S NEW SEAN CARNAHAN AT NIGHT FRENCHY FALIK'S SOCIAL SEEN WHAT'S HOT WHAT'S NEW SEAN CARNAHAN AT NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY TIM BOOLE. ART DIRECTION CHRIS PROMECENE. STYLE DIRECTOR ALEXANDRA LOYD. FASHION EDITOR RACHEL JENSEN. MAKEUP JEANNA DOYLE/THE CAMPBELL AGENCY. HAIR CERON. HER BALL SKIRT FASHIONED FROM THE SILK TRADING CO.'S SILK TAFFETA, IS CUSTOM-MADE AND DESIGNED BY SHABBY SLIPS. WHITE COTTON FRENCH-CUFF SHIRT FROM MAXMARA. ON HER ARM, A BOLT OF THE SILK TRADING CO.'S SILK TAFFETA STRIPE. FURNITURE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, FROM BOTTOM: CHRISTIAN ASTUGUEVIEILLE'S COMMODE MITIKO, TO THE TRADE AT GEORGE CAMERON NASH. MIRRORED NESTING TABLE BY RICHARD HIMMEL, TO THE TRADE AT DAVID SUTHERLAND SHOWROOM. CHRISTIAN LIAIGRE FOR HOLLY HUNT PELICAN TABLE IN MACASSAR, TO THE TRADE AT GEORGE CAMERON NASH. EMPIRE-STYLE FRENCH ARMCHAIR, AT SHABBY SLIPS. ON HIM: CUT-VELVET GUCCI TROUSERS AND PRADA SPORT SHOES, BOTH FROM SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. ANTIQUE BRONZE AND CRYSTAL CANDELABRA, AT KRISPEN. JONATHAN ADLER COUTURE VASE, AT SLOAN/HALL. KARTELL'S FANTASTIC PLASTIC ELASTIC CHAIR BY RON ARAD, AT SUNSET SETTINGS. FINE FURNITURE MOVING BY CROWDED HOUSE SERVICE. PHOTOGRAPHED FROM A PENTHOUSE OF THE VILLA D'ESTE LUXURY RESIDENTIAL HIGH-RISE, DEVELOPED BY INTERFIN CORPORATION AND MARKETED BY MORGAN PERSONETTE PROPERTIES. FOR MORE COVER INFORMATION SEE PAGE 4. A L S O THE M AGA ZI NE FOR UR B AN T EXAS HOUS TON J UL Y 2 0 0 0 what's posh for your pad: DESIGN NOTES A Chic Home For a Worldly (and Weary) Traveler Luxingitup Luxingitup Home Decoratives in 2000 Home Decoratives in 2000 Shells Washed Ashore Again Shells Washed Ashore Again CoverHou_op_9x_CoverHou_op 6/17/16 9:03 AM Page 1 DECEMBER 2000 30 Cocktail Soiree Highballs meet high heels, and vodka-soaked olives are de rigueur. The world of chrome shakers, short dresses and gold is back on the scene, and the sexiness of the '70s has returned. With a nod to Yves Saint Laurent, Halston and Liza, a suave cocktail affair is the idea. Photography Tim Boole. Art Director Chris Promecene. Style Director Alexandra Loyd. Fashion Editor Ashley Woodso Have Yourself a Cool Little DECEMBER 2000 31 n. Hair Maria Larios. Makeup Jeanna Doyle for The Campbell Agency. Photographed at the Regency House high-rise apartment of Renea Abbott, Shabby Slips. Icy Irreverence Lynzi, left, wears a Gucci lavender blouse $1,155, at the Gucci boutique, Neiman Marcus NorthPark, Dallas; Gucci boutique, Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston. Dolce & Gabbana purple sheer chiffon pleated pants $1,003, at the Carla Martinengo Boutique, Neiman Marcus, Dallas; the Dolce & Gabbana boutique, Neiman Marcus, Houston. Carolee gold lariat necklace $110, at Saks Fifth Avenue. Giorgio Armani purple and black tube purse $750, at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue. Tatiana, right, wears Oscar de la Renta black leather fringe pants $5,000, at Neiman Marcus Downtown, Stanley Korshak, Dallas; Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston. Valentino tan cashmere shell $565, at the Carla Martinengo Boutique, Stanley Korshak, Dallas; Neiman Marcus, Houston. Simon Sobe gold cuff $3,075, at Saks Fifth Avenue. Background models, from left: Her Dolce & Gabbana bronze Lurex turtleneck $368, at the Carla Martinengo boutique, Neiman Marcus, Dallas; the Dolce & Gabbana boutique, Neiman Marcus, Houston. Miguel Adrover black A-line skirt $550, at Ultimo, Dallas; Neiman Marcus, Houston. Ferragamo black heels with silver detail $295, at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dallas; Joseph Shoes & Accessories, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston. His black leather DKNY shirt $398, at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue. Calvin Klein black flat-front trousers $255, at the Calvin Klein boutique, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dallas: Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston. His Calvin Klein black ribbed sweater $245 at the Calvin Klein boutique, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dallas; Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston. Polka-dot silk shirt $500, black pants with red pinstripe $420, ankle boots $500, all Prada, at Neiman Marcus NorthPark, the Prada boutique, Dallas; Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston. Her Lela Rose one-shoulder lace blouse $475, black pants $515, at Saks Fifth Avenue, Tootsies, Dallas; Tootsies, Houston. His Dolce & Gabbana purple silk shirt $520, at the Dolce & Gabbana bou- tique, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue. 2002 partybookhouston THE PEOPLE | THE PARTIES M A G A Z I N E ART OF THE COCKTAIL FRENCHY FALIK OUT & ABOUT MORE PARTIES P H O T O G R A P H Y T I M B O O L E . F A S H I O N E D I T O R S T E V E N R E I D E R . A S S I S T A N T F A S H I O N E D I T O R B E R N A R D O S I A O T O N G . H A I R C E R O N F O R S A L O N C E R O N A T U R B A N R E T R E A T . M A K E U P J E A N N A D O Y L E . M O D E L L A R I S S A E M E R S O N F O R PA G E . 2 1 4 . Z A C P O S E N ' S C I R C E S I L K A N D L I N E N F A N G O W N $ 3 , 5 0 0 , A T N E I M A N M A R C U S . E S T A T E J A D E , C R Y S T A L , O N Y X A N D D I A M O N D N E C K L A C E ( W O R N A S A B R A C E L E T ) $ 3 6 , 5 0 0 , A N D E S T A T E 1 8 K - G O L D S C A L L O P E D C H I N O I S E R I E E N A M E L A N D J A D E C A B O C H O N B R O O C H W O R N I N H A I R $ 3 7, 5 0 0 , B O T H T H R O U G H T H E P R E C I O U S J E W E L S S A L O N A T N E I M A N M A R C U S . N O VA 1 8 K - G O L D A N D P L A T I N U M D I A M O N D B A N D S $ 1 7, 4 0 0 T O $ 2 3 , 0 0 0 E A C H , A T B A I L E Y B A N K S & B I D D L E . M A K E U P S H I S E I D O , A T N O R D S T R O M . H O U S T O N M AY 2 0 0 3 A L S O S T Y L E FA S H I O N S O C I A L Fan Club Ed Eubanks' Seaside Cottage Weekending in Galveston Fashion's winds of inspiration blow from the East Diary from the Haute Couture >> Dominique Dunne and Nan Kempner swing into town to honor Lynn Wyatt, as does the Alley Theatre at Un Grand Bal for La Lynne. >> Remember the Silver Slipper Award bestowed by The Textiles and Costume Institute of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Remember the Fortuny and Geoffrey Beene exhibitions? So wonderful. >> Supermodels ice skate at the Galleria for Dishes on Ice (Fredrique, Kelly Emberg, Bonnie Pfeifer, Roshumba all skate to town). >> We shoot spring fashion at L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills and fall fashion at the Sherry-Netherland hotel in NYC, and feature the newest in flip phones. >> The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, opens "British Fashion: From Monarchy to Anarchy" (we are light years ahead of the Met) with loans from Sandra di Portanova. >> We pronounce Houston's Most Stylish: Cathy Echols, Pat and Dan Breen, Joey Vallone, Scott Ziegler, Andrea and Matt Minnis, David Beebe (lead signer of The El Orbits), Marcela Sheridan, Margaret Reckling, Cornelia and Meredith Long, John Kuhl. >> The Menil Collection hosts Cy Twombly for a sculpture exhibition; Sally Mann comes in for the opening. Ned Rifkin is the Menil director. EPHEMERA JOSE ÉBER HAS A SALON AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. • THE GREENHOUSE SPA IS AT THE CORNER OF KIRBY AND WESTHEIMER. • WE FLOCK TO LILLYA AT MANOS Y MAS IN HIGHLAND VILLAGE FOR MANI-PEDIS. • VIRGINIA AND FRED MCCANN ARE THE PROPRIETORS OF ESTHER WOLFE. • RON MARKS OPENS COTTON EXCHANGE DOWNTOWN. • SMOOT HULL OPENS SHAG AND SAINT. • LEE BROWN IS MAYOR. • RICKSHAW OPENS IN RIVER OAKS VILLAGE. • BENJY AND ERICA LEVIT'S DISH RESTAURANT OPENS. • PERRY PODARAS OPENS THE GATSBY SOCIAL CLUB IN RICE VILLAGE. • HARRY GORDON OPENS BY APPOINTMENT OFFICES IN THE RIVER OAKS BANK BUILDING. • STYLE EDITOR IS ALEX LLOYD. • GEORGE CAMERON NASH OPENS AT DECORATIVE CENTER HOUSTON. • JOHN AXELROD LAUNCHES ORCHESTRA X. • EMPIRE BAKING CO. OPENS. • DJ SEAN CARNAHAN WRITES NIGHT SEEN COLUMN. • ED BODDE IS MANAGER OF SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. • PRAGUE CLUB OPENS. • STEPHEN BALDWIN AND MICROSOFT CO-FOUNDER PAUL ALLEN COME TO TOWN FOR THE OPENING OF JOE MARTIN AND TIM COLLINS ECITYSUITES.COM. LONG-AGO ADVERTISERS MONICA POPE'S BOULEVARD BISTROT, DOLCE & GABBANA (THE FIRST TIME AROUND IN THE GALLERIA), THE REMINGTON GRILL, CARRANO, PASCAL/ROBINSON GALLERIES, ELAN, JOHN LUDLAM FINE STATIONER, LIBERTY NOODLES, XIPANGO we are told to halt the shoot. >> "It's Hot Outside. Stay Inside and Get Smart," says the August cover. Signs of Intelligent Life feature: "Casually strew Mensa applications about," Laurann Claridge opines. >> Becca Cason Thrash throws the first of many fantastic Best Buddies brouhahas: titled Shanghai Chic, with Kip Forbes, Anthony Kennedy Shriver, Randolph Duke, Jose Éber, Deanna Hamro, Lauren Bush and Jaclyn Smith. Even in 2001, Becca could round them up. >> We travel to the Adirondacks to exclusive enclave The Point to shoot fashion, with photographer Tim Boole; Ceron does hair. Were we made of money? >> Yoko Ono is here for CAMH, with dinner at The Bayou Club, and performs her "yelps" and eeks" at Brown Auditorium at MFAH. >> The very first Menil Collection Gala honors Walter Hopps, with PAs from Dennis Hopper, Ed Ruscha, James Rosenquist and Robert Rauschenberg. EPHEMERA AT PAPERCITY, FRENCHY FALIK IS SOCIAL EDITOR, BETSY PARISH PENS THE NIGHTLIFE COLUMN, JOHN MARIANI JOINS THE RANKS, ERICA LEVIT AND LISA POPE WESTERMAN ARE DESIGN EDITORS. • JERRY BARTEE IS RUNNING TONY'S … AT HOME CATERING. • JOHN CAPIZI IS MANAGER OF NEIMAN'S. LONG-AGO ADVERTISERS WALZEL JEWELERS, FRED JOAILLIER, PLUS KLASSE, MANNEQUIN BOUTIQUE, EVELYN GORMAN'S MIX MODERN CLOTHES ON COLQUITT, NUIT, CITIES, M. KING INTERIOR COLLECTIONS, KREISS COLLECTION, LOUISE BLUM, TU CHEZ, JULIE STANDER FINE LINENS, BERNABE SOMOZA'S SOMOZA-SIMS GALLERY EPHEMERA GRACE SLICK IS AT OFF THE WALL GALLERY. • TONY VALLONE OPENS LOS TONYOS CANTINA (YES, MEXICAN FOOD) FOR A NANOSECOND. • HUGO'S OPENS. • HOBBY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS OPENS. • LAURANN CLARIDGE'S INFAMOUS QUIZ RATES HOW SMART YOUR INTERIORS ARE. >> PaperCity San Francisco launches with another swell party at Neiman Marcus, and the store's Union Square windows are filled with PaperCity magazines. >> Francesco Scavullo shoots the cover and fashion. >> We re-enact America's first dinner party with Indians and pilgrims in Valentino, Chanel, Cavalli. >> We love our guest editors Meredith Long and daughter Martha Long, née Staley (in 2002). >> Neiman Marcus VP Ken Downing channels "Billy Baldwin meets Van Day Truex meets Truman Capote" for the annual PaperCity PartyBook launch party. Furnishings and props are trucked to Dallas at midnight après the same- themed PC PartyBook launch at the Houston store. 028hstd0903_356417.pgs 08.12.2003 06:17 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 029hstd0903_356417.pgs 08.12.2003 06:17 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN

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