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MICHELLE AVIÑA ART & CREATIVE DIRECTOR This month's fashion shoot (page 32) was very impactful for me. It was photo- graphed the day of the U.S. presidential election and was a moment where we shared disappointment in the direction our country has taken. But it was also a chance to appreciate our diversity and commitment to staying progressive. It was — and is — a wake-up call to con- tinue putting forth the ideals and di- versity that we believe in as artists and citizens. I've long been an admirer of Frances Marzio and her expertise in the ancient world — we share a love of Pompeii and all things Roman. Reviewing the traveling Getty exhibition on Roman luxury, which she organized at the MFAH, was rewarding. The best perk was running into her at the museum when picking up the exhibition catalog and getting an impromptu insider tour (page 42). Also, January begins Spring's dazzling array of calendar dates. Collaborating with Hannah Swiggard, our fearless calendar editor, meant fielding hundreds of emails and real mail to bring you our guide to Spring's PC Seen (page 64). editors 12 CATHERINE D. ANSPON EXECUTIVE EDITOR, VISUAL ARTS / FEATURES JAILYN MARCEL ASSISTANT DIGITAL EDITOR Combing through 11 party-packed issues for the ultimate social tally was no easy feat. Tools needed: careful attention to de- tail, a supercharged MacBook, a dedicated team of interns, a fully loaded Starbucks tab, and a selfless friend who's a wiz at Microsoft Excel. After we jotted down more than 4,000 party IDs, Excel's pivot table function became my best friend for the list's final sort and summation. Forty-eight hours later, the Who Appeared in PC 2016 listing (page 28) was born. ANNE LEE PHILLIPS HOME DE- SIGN EDITOR Having tea with cerebral Elizabeth Ingram was a meditation on how a good designer helps a client highlight their personal story via their home (page 52). One client lost everything in Katrina and, after seven years in their largely empty new home, enlisted Ingram's design services. Ingram discovered a doorframe where they'd recorded the height of their daughter (born six months after they fled New Orleans) and stepdaughter, marked to be demol- ished. Ingram pulled it from the trash on demolition day and had it framed as the centerpiece of their new kitchen and told her clients, "You've got to save this — it's all you have." Bonus: The pencil scratchings mimic a Cy Twombly. SHELBY HODGE HOUSTON SOCIETY & STYLE EDITOR The unique part- nership between Direct Energy and New York- based nonprofit Mpowerd was reason enough for the celebration at B&B Butchers & Restaurant (page 36), but the underlying motivation was indeed brilliant. For every customer that signs up for the Give Brighter program, Direct Energy funds a so- lar-powered Luci light, which Mpow- ered distributes in countries where electricity is a challenge. Bravo! Love too that the inflatable lights also served to decorate the party space. REBECCA SHERMAN SENIOR HOME DESIGN FEATURES EDITOR I asked Ashley Woodson Bailey (page 44) what flower she most identifies with, and she named the ranunculus, which also happens to be my favorite. She's had one tattooed on her ankle since 1998. Ranunculus, with their swirling layers of crepe-like petals, remind her of a ball gown, she said. WE QUERIED OUR EDITORS: ''WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT WHILE CREATING THIS ISSUE?" ANA HOP JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON Rebecca Sherman and the late Vladimir Kagan KIMBERLY PARK JAMES BLAND JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON

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