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22 ART GALS VICTORIOUS Catherine D. Anspon recaps CAMH's fab femmes-only fund-raiser. Photography Jenny Antill Clifton. I t was Another Great Night for the ladies when 200 stalwart collectors, up-and-coming art acolytes, and social swans descended upon the Memorial manse of oil-and-gas exec/ host Peggy Kostial to raise money for Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. (The gents were across town at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's One Great Night, page 13). Guests fanned out to sleuth clues to the fabled Treasure Hunt at the Kostial home, which drew raves for its art collection, architecture by David Black, spa adjoining the pool, and dra- matic lacquered Blue Bar, which was designed by Marty Finger in homage to the space of the same name in London's historic Berkeley Hotel (one of the scavenger hunt clues). Co-chairs Allison Ayers of Sicardi Gallery and Cat Baen Hennessy presided, joined by CAMH curator Valerie Cassel Oliver and new deputy director Christina Brungardt. For the fi rst time in recent memory, AGN saluted artists — a perfect idea, as Susie Rosmarin, Thedra Cullar-Ledford, and Amy Blakem ore (who was not in attendance) were current headliners in the CAMH show "Right Here, Right Now: Houston, Volume 2." DEUTSCH DAZZLERS Rebekah Johnson of Bergner and Johnson devised the fi ne details. In keeping with the Big and Bright theme, she created an Aurora Borealis effect on the tented aerie adjoining the pool, which was set with prismatic chandeliers and white Chinese lanterns. A Fare Extraordinaire crafted the seated dinner; owner Rachael Volz, an up-and-coming collector, was among the guests. As retail sponsor, Deutsch & Deutsch awarded the winning table fi ne bauble loot: dazzling Lauren K drop earrings for each of the 10 art-smart winners. Yet again the posh prizes went to the Art Gals team: Gisela Cherches, Emily Church, Nancy Douthey, Karen Farber, Kerry Inman, Molly Khalil, Judy Nyquist, Alison Weaver, Michelle White, and Ann Wilde. Robin Deutsch thanked the crowd and revealed a bit about the jeweler's storied gem and family history that began in Nuevo Laredo in 1929 and continues to fl ourish today. Social sculpture: CAMH grande dame Sissy Kempner; Leigh Smith; Susie Criner; Marty Finger; Kelley Lubanko; Divya Brown; Nancy Littlejohn and daughter Isabella; past AGN hosts Marita Fairbanks, Terri Havens, and Susanne Pritchard; Melissa Grobmyer; art- ist Melanie Smith, in from Mexico City (in the Kostial collection and opening the next day at Sicardi Gallery); gallerist Maria Inés Sicardi; Liz Anders; Divya Brown; Jessica Phifer; Mary Patton; Blakely Griggs; Elizabeth Satel Young; and Tootsies' Penne Weidig, a pal of honoree, artist Susie Rosmarin, as Susie manned the store's stockroom (and found inspi- ration among Tootsies' fashions) back in the day. Phoebe Tudor Marty Finger Sandra Moffet Jessica Phifer, Susie Criner Sissy Kempner, Lucia Benton Kathleen Jennings, Estela Cockrell Tracy Eklund, Leigh Smith Kelley Lubanko Marita Fairbanks Chair Cat Baen Hennessy Host Peggy Kostial, chair Allison Ayers Michelle White Alison Weaver, Kerry Inman Isabella Littlejohn Nancy Littlejohn Christina Brungardt Honoree Thedra Cullar-Ledford Honoree Susie Rosmarin Valerie Cassel Oliver Susanne Pritchard, Blakely Griggs Melissa Grobmyer Liz Glanville Rachael Volz Divya Brown Celebrating victory Robin Deutsch Elizabeth Satel Young Alison Weaver Judy Nyquist Diane Lokey Farb

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