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A MAN A lice Weiser has spent years puz- zling over dotted I's and crossed T's, and nothing escapes her. She's an expert when it comes to de- ciphering hand- writing style and body language — give her a few paragraphs, and she'll return an enthralling and enlightening profile, something she's been doing for decades. She's appeared on MSNBC, CNN, and Court TV, among other outlets, and was voted best in her field by the International Graphoanalysis Society. She's back in our pages, and not a minute too soon, with the first in a series of handwriting analysis of high-profile folk. This month, Weiser, who lives in Houston, puts her considerable powers to work deciphering what makes Joel Osteen tick. After analyzing O.J. Simp- son, Scott Petersen, and Saddam Hussein through the years, our favorite evangelist is a breeze. And brave, too. Our subject agreed to this exercise, no questions asked, and he has not seen the results — until now. JOEL OSTEEN Televangelist, Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant church in the U.S. This print script reveals that Joel Osteen is a clear communicator and that his actions are well thought out. He feels deeply (as his writing can be felt through the reverse side of the page), but he keeps his emotions well in check. The slant of the writing denotes one who has a strong sense of the feelings of others. He can easily share his woes and joys, though he is a rather private person who holds his cards close to his vest. Osteen has strong determination, as can be gleaned from the length of the lower zones of his script (the Y's and G's), and he possesses a strong sense of responsibil- ity. When he makes a promise, he most definitely will deliver. His strong literary flare is indicated by the fluidity of his script. Although he is an excellent communicator (as is evidenced by his circle letters, the O's and A's), it's of the utmost importance that he seek private time. Osteen's signature signifies one who can easily reach up into the spiritual and philo- sophical arena (as seen in the capital letters in his name), and one who enjoys communal visibility. This combination, sprinkled with humor when appropriate, makes all of the above very harmonious. 78 BY JAMES BROCK HANDWRITING ANALYSIS THE HAND OF "YOUR HANDWRITING IS A PORTRAIT OF YOU AT THE TIME OF THE WRITING ONLY." — Alice Weiser Joel Osteen

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