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8 letter editor HUNT SLONEM S ince I can't go home (my house is filled with teenagers home from college for the holidays), I'm playing with lists at the office. Lists are my thing. Assistant editor Jailyn Marcel took on the task of listing and tabulating how many people appeared in PaperCity party pages in 2016. For all you misanthropes and curmudgeons who profess we run the same people all the time: Exactly 2,655 different smiling faces appeared in our party pages in 2016. Yes, 35 or so names appear multiple times (Becca Cason Thrash, 20; Diane Lokey Farb, 15; Lynn Wyatt, 12), but these are the ones who give us a reason to dress up, put our hair in a chignon, and sally forth. They are raising money for charities, fêting authors, celebrating creatives, and blowing dust off the dance floor. In another list, PaperCity's Hannah Swiggard compiled our spring social calendar, with the top 125 events you should consider attending. I haven't the stamina to even think about the myriad details of time, place, dress, and chairmen names that Hannah nailed down. For February, I have listed all the top Houston hotels that will be buzzing with guests in town for Super Bowl weekend. As of this writing, I have solidified 19 top hotels, which will have PaperCity's February issue in every suite and room, delivering January 30. One million people are expected to be traveling here — the majority shopping, visiting galleries and museums, and, of course, eating out. Our PaperCity Play Book, inserted in the February issue, lists the best-of-the-best men's and women's boutiques, shopping cen- ters, art galleries and exhibitions, salons, restaurants, and watering holes. This is the place to advertise to have the eyes of this wealthy coterie (see page 67 for details). So, here's to lists in the New Year. Whether it's Things To Do, Books to Read, or People to Ignore, the important thing is to com- mit it to paper. Or iCloud. Lists demand attention. Happy 2017. Holly Moore Editor-in-Chief

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