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and her pride and confidence in what she knows is right excites me, and gives me hope in the future — and in the work and effort I know our generation can put forth." As for the young dancer's long- term goals, it's a topic that gives her pause as she considers the reality that dancing isn't a career that lasts forever. With a pragmatism that confirms Kirk is wise beyond her years, she deadpans: "When I think about the future, I think about one thing — longevity." Just a dancer, Kirk is not. "I don't want people to get excited and think I'll follow in my dad's footsteps one day," she says, "But I do see myself always getting involved in promoting change in my community. It's mind boggling that people can see things around them happening, and don't want to do anything about it." Kirk's keen attention to issues of the day, particularly those that involve women's rights and racial equality, are no doubt independently formed, despite having grown up around politics and civically active parents. In January, Kirk participated in the Women's March in New York City; she speaks passionately about how women should have the right and availability to choose, and how her concern about the environment and global warming is paramount. For now, though, Kirk's focus is on her work — and growing into her role as a passionate, visionary artist, who uses movement as a catalyst to promote open mindedness and progress. She is keeping busy on that path: In addition to Abraham. in.Motion and Helen Simoneau Danse, she is a member of UNA Projects, founded by fellow Tisch alum, Chuck Wilt. In the end, it all comes down to expression. "Dancing is the easiest way for me to communicate," Kirk confesses. "Sometimes I wish I could just dance, and that people would understand exactly what I am trying to say." MOVEMENT IN HER (continued from page 32) TOP TEAM the AT ALLIE BETH ALLMAN & ASSOCIATES

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