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29 VERY IMPORTANT VALENTINO, VUITTON, AND PARTIES SHELBY HODGE WEARS HER PARTY HAT. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON, DAVE ROSSMAN, MICHELLE WATSON. D ashing Valentino brand ambassador Carlos Souza, in town from New York, joined forces with Allison Sarofim, who bounces between New York and Houston, to celebrate the brand and honor the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, which garnered for its coffers a percentage of sales for two weeks. It was a night of champagne, shopping and high-level schmoozing. VALENTINO VIPS: Courtney Sarofim, Mona Sarofim, Lynn Wyatt, Heidi Gerger, Aliyya Stude, Elyse Lanier, Shannon Hall, Vivian Wise, Angel Rios, Adrianna Sorenson, and jumping across the Galleria drive, The Webster's Laure Hériard Dubreuil. T he arrival of Louis Vuitton's remarkable Objets Nomades collection — a stop on its worldwide tour — was reason enough to flock for a pe- rusal and chat with Louis Vuitton president and CEO Lanessa Elrod and Atelier Oï de- signer Patrick Reymond, one of the contributing design- ers of the collection. Guests swooned over the Campana Brothers' Cocoon chairs and leather hammock by Atelier Oï. WHO: Judy Nyquist, Carrie and Sverre Brandsburg- Dahl, Divya Brown, Claire Cormier-Thielke, Lyndsey Zorich, Duyen Nguyen, Ashley and Ray Simpson, Brian McCullough, Kay and Daniel Bertrand, Lydia Liu, Yun Truong, and Cindy and Paul Cannatella. Brian McCulloch, Carrie & Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl Amy Purvis, Heidi Gerger, Carlos Souza, Lynn Wyatt John Slavinsky, Lanessa Elrod, Jennie Segal Lyndsey Zorich Claire Cormier-Thielke Divya Brown Daiji, Kay & Daniel Bertrand Ashley & Ray Simpson Judy Nyquist, Christine Gervais Kristen Perrin, Susan Quarles Courtney Lanier Sarofim Brandon Fontenot, Dustin Meuth Allison Sarofim, Elyse Lanier, Louisa Sarofim Matt & Traci Ling

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