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75 have a well-balanced list. We want to be sure that we have people of different ages, from different professions, and from different backgrounds. We look for people with distinctive, highly individual, and sometimes even idiosyncratic style who are leaders, not followers, and who have a degree of visibility. Snub stories. Many contenders have tried and failed to win a spot on the List — Eleanor was frequently offered bribes. Many others have worked hard to befriend committee members or voters to influence their choices. There are always people angered by who is included and who is omitted. The fact that people get emotional only demonstrates the power of the List. Personal all-time List faves. This is difficult, but Babe Paley is pretty much the gold standard for the U.S. Jacqueline de Ribes is the embodiment of Parisian chic. Audrey Hepburn is eternally elegant and relevant. Carolina Herrera is exemplary and impeccable. nail or toe polish, but still have weekly manicures and pedicures. Some form of daily exercise is important. Movement is a necessity of life. And there is a French saying I have heard: "Love is the best cosmetic." Current fashion inspirations. I admire everything that Thom Browne does. He is keeping alive great traditions of craftsmanship, within a very adventuresome framework. I enjoy the endless, upbeat creativity of Stacey Bendet for Alice + Olivia. I'm fascinated to watch how Wes Gordon is moving Carolina Herrera in a new direction, while respecting the codes and legacy of the brand. Future of IBDL. The IBDL will keep going. Next year it will be 80! We continue to evolve and adapt to the culture as it changes, while remaining true to our heritage. The 2019 List will be published in a new location, and it will make news. We have other plans for the future, but it's too early to reveal them. Right now, we are concentrating on the book, which is a beautiful and essential sourcebook for anyone interested in design, culture, and how fashion intersects with life. One thing when getting dressed. To be sure to see myself in the mirror from all angles — 360 degrees. Nobody really sees you just frontally, like a paper doll. Morning/evening rituals and grooming habits. I'm a big believer in sleep. I'm disciplined about skincare. I adore makeup, but as an enhancer more than a cover-up. A good haircut is fundamental. I don't really like Bianca Jagger, 1970 C.Z. Guest, 1952 Slim Hawks with Diana Vreeland and husband, Reed Vreeland, 1952 FIRST COLUMN: PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES / ART ZELIN. SECOND COLUMN, FROM TOP: PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES / CECIL BEATON / CONDE NAST; PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES / SLIM AARONS.

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