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am, living here for the first time since I was 18 years old — and I'm almost 39! It's resonated with me so deeply to be surrounded by friends and family. Tell us about the Lucchese boutique inside the new Thompson Dallas hotel. It began as a pop-up but is now a permanent store. It's a way for people staying in the hotel or walking down the street to discover the brand. Aren't you living at the Thompson Dallas hotel, like Eloise? Yes! I'm on the 24th floor of The National Residences [in the building that houses the Thompson], with one of the most awe-inspiring views of downtown Dallas a girl could ever hope for. The Philip Johnson Thanksgiving chapel is right outside my window. When the sunlight bounces off the buildings, the whole space starts to glow. The plan is to move to Marseilles [where Tassy is from] sometime next year, but we're just taking it day by day. When in the country … Horses have always been part of my life. A dear girlfriend has a beautiful horse about 45 minutes away from Dallas, so I'm still able to get in the saddle. And, I love to cook. It's very meditative. I love bringing people together and sitting around a table because there's no greater connection of humanity. There's no greater stage for profound conversation. I love to host a big feast, play records, open up bottles of wine, and really go for it. On what's next. I just did a shoot for Lucchese with Rambo, an amazing female photographer in Fort Worth. I'm in front of the camera, but I did my own styling and had a vision of how I wanted to see the photos. I'm also working on a sunglasses collaboration with Katie Caplener's Austin-based company, Vada. It will launch in March at Black Optical in Dallas. There's such a depth of creative spirit in Texas. It's been really nice to inject myself into this community. Erin Wasson Renata loafer $1,195, at Lucchese stores CHAOS AND MAYHEM CHARMAINE LOCKE AND JAMES SURLS JANUARY 15-APRIL 3, 2021 KIRK HOPPER FINE ART 1426 N. RIVERFRONT BLVD DALLAS Charmaine Locke, Chaos and Mayhem, 2019–2020, acrylic paint, salt, soda wax or gesso on rice paper, 20" x 39"

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