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then beveled and flanged on a machine at 275 degrees to achieve the final shape. They're inspected, cleaned, and trimmed. Next, they're finished with a hand-sewn satin lining and a leather sweatband stamped with the Stetson logo. Finally, one last hand inspection takes place before each hat is approved to go out the door. "The factory is a bit of an Americana time capsule and looks exactly like how you would imagine it — but add more hats, more machines, a lot of steam, and people who don't even blink at you because they're focusing on a detail," Bozeman says. "It's awe- inspiring because while the process looks like it's from another time, it's from our time. We all have a nostalgia for people putting care and craft into everyday objects." The company recently launched its second collaboration with brand Taylor Stitch menswear and has more projects on the horizon, including a refresh of its men's fragrance collection. The Garland factory also maintains expertise in authentic hat restoration — something for which Bozeman regularly fields requests. "I get notes every day from people passing down a third-generation Stetson that they need repaired," says Bozeman. "I make sure the factory can take care of them …. I know exactly who to send the heirloom hat to, and he does an amazing job." plating. The hats are then sanded and compacted with powder for a smooth finish. Next, the all-important creases are made by pressing a rubber plug into the crown of the hat with 80 pounds of pressure. The brims are go on to another piece of machinery where a wooden block stamps in the hat's basic profile, size, and shape. After more shellacking, drying, and shaping, the brims are ironed smooth and flat through a process called brim Stetson designer Claudia Medina The final stage of a Stetson: the gold- stamped leather sweatband The Garland, Texas, Stetson factory More than 150 years later, the production of a Stetson remains unchanged. (Continued from page 24) 26

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