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I n family law, intense emotions are part of the job. Divorce goes straight to the heart of what you value most. Your property and financial security. Your parenting rights and relationships. Yet studies show that lawyers score high on intelligence but below average on emotional intelligence. That explains a lot. Emotional intelligence means identifying and understanding emotions in ourselves and others. It correlates with better communication, faster assessment of risk, and sharper identification of an unbiased strategy to achieve the desired outcome. You want a lawyer who possesses emotional intelligence to guide you through turbulent times—without riding the emotional waves along with you. Calabrese Budner offers Emotionally Intelligent Divorce ® because divorce is more than just a legal document. By acknowledging the emotional components that are part of every divorce, we can offer resources to help clients meet "the day after" in the best possible position, financially and emotionally. We want to be part of the solution instead of the problem. If this sounds like a bunch of therapy talk, make no mistake. Calabrese Budner attorneys have the credentials and experience to stand toe-to-toe with any family lawyer in the most complex and contentious of property and custody matters. With Emotionally Intelligent Divorce ® , Calabrese Budner provides an additional set of tools and skills to protect your interests without the unnecessary damage that results from emotionally reactive lawyering. We believe that gives you the best chance at not only surviving your divorce, but thriving. A MODERN APPROACH TO FAMILY MATTERS ® EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT DIVORCE ® PAPERCITY PROMOTION Calabrese Budner offers Emotionally Intelligent Divorce® — a modern approach that addresses the "emotional divorce" inherent in every case

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