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A fter the clock struck midnight and we bid adieu to 2021, many of us awoke the next morning, resolved to do things a whole lot differently. Lose those last 10 pounds, check. Strap on the trainers and exercise more, check. Eat more healthfully and swap out gin and tonic for a smoothie once in a while, check and check. This year, I'm doubling down on my own resolution to get my glow on and keep the quickly accumulating wrinkles at bay. Of course, you can turn to results-proven Botox or Dysport injections, coupled with myriad fillers to smooth out pesky crow's feet and 11 lines. But I'm talking about skincare: My goal is to achieve skin that radiates good health, is plump and nourished, hydrated and smooth — something more than a doctor's injection provides. Admittedly, I had a head start in November when a friend convinced me to try The Regal, the new Valmont facial at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Not your average buff-and-puff spa day, this 2-1/2-hour treatment was developed exclusively for the spa by the Swiss skincare company La Maison Valmont. Get away for a few days to this bucolic, healthful escape at the water's edge, and you'll likely check off a few other resolutions, too. I blocked off three hours for the anti-aging facial, which claimed I'd walk out with a visage that looked more sculpted, lifted, and rejuvenated. Since my mid-30s, I've tried an array of effective doctor- supervised medical facial treatments, from microdermabrasion to PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, also known as the vampire facial. I've invested in ablative laser treatments that initially left my skin raw, red, and blistered looking for up to two weeks before it swept away spots of hyperpigmentation, leaving the appearance of smaller pores and a clearer, even complexion. I've had all sorts of spa facials, too, and each felt great — but, honestly, I didn't look different afterward. So, before I take you through the process of The Regal, let me skip to the results. With hand to heart, I confess after almost three hours of multiple applications of bio- medic Valmont products (much of it, medical-grade and designed to absorb into the deepest layers of the skin), coupled with four different types of facial massage, I gazed into the mirror to see nary a line on my face. Even better, persistent dark shadows that pool beneath my eyes were nowhere in sight. This must be what Hollywood stars do to get red carpet-ready … I'm told the results last about three days — longer, if you're diligent about following up with a Valmont regimen. Known for the science and technology behind its ingredients, Valmont is a cellular skincare company that produces bio-medic components. When applied, our skin recognizes them as its own and absorbs them immediately. Valmont is famed for its triple lipid DNA and liposomal RNA products derived from sturgeon fish, with 15 times the concentration of active ingredients, which act as a rejuvenating concentrate that preserves the skin's elasticity and stimulates firmness. Combining state-of- the-art science via six different masks with ancient and modern forms of facial massage m a k e s a m a r k e d OBSESSIONS. DECORATION. SALIENT FACTS. difference. Initially, a pressure-point massage targets the meridians in the body to release the fascia, which holds tension throughout the face. That's followed by an energizing massage where the esthetician uses her hands to move clockwise and upward around your face, neck, and décolletage to drain the lymph nodes and sinus areas, then you transition to a Japanese Kobido massage that's meant to sculpt the face. This involves a curious thumbing-like sensation created with the fingertips. In contrast, the last rubdown is designed to lift and nourish the skin and feels like a cat gently kneading your face. Along the way, a collagen-rich medical-grade mask that's 10,000 times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid is applied and set with LED red- light therapy. This anti-aging therapy promotes fibroblasts that "tell" our skin to produce more collagen and elastin. The Regal by Valmont is $1,050 for 135 minutes, while The Vitality by Valmont is $650 for 90 minutes. Book through RESOLUTIONS, RESOLUTIONS LAURANN CLARIDGE HEADS TO LAKE AUSTIN SPA TO JUMP-START 2022. LAKE AUSTIN SPA RESORT Lake Austin Spa Resort

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