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24 GLAM HOURS IN P alm Beach, the elegant sliver of land surrounded by glistening water on all sides, has long been the winter escape for the wealthy (long before they became known as the one half of one percenters). Dynastic families like the Phipps and Flaglers spent the months following Thanksgiving until a few weeks past Easter on these well-manicured lawns and sunny shores. One might say it was a very insular world with its own etiquette (even though it was beachy, it was quite buttoned-up for decades) and social mores. For at least half of the year, the population stands under PALM BEACH past 18 months playing the Monopoly Palm Beach real estate game as they contemplated third or fourth homes. Palm Beach still has plenty of offspring from those robber-baron families, but the more known residents now include sugar baron Pepe Fanjul and wife Emilia, Henry Kravis and wife Marie-Josée, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Aerin Lauder, whose family has been part of the pink-and-green ecosystem for generations, wrote the coffee-table book martinis, "Where are all these young people coming from?" — and hoping their established rules and practices aren't tampered with. Apparently Palm Beach is the spot to get into a kerfuffle with the law. That seems to be all the rage with reality stars, particularly if you are on a Bravo Housewives franchise — and I mean Countess Luann and Tinsley Mortimer from RHONY. Both are infamous for having their mug shots splashed across Page Six from Palm Beach arrests related to paramours. Shout-out to Tinsley's beyond-WASPY mother, Dale Mercer, who had coasters made with her daughter's mug shot. I was recently in Palm Beach for a dear friend's birthday blowout weekend at The Breakers. I did it up in style (I like to say that I am "rich adjacent") and took a friend's offer of a ride on their jet. I tacked an extra day on the trip — which meant flying back commercial, so I could hone my PB radar and share what to do while the Earth rotates once on its axis, in Palm Beach. PALM BEACH STREET SLANG I've long wanted to pen a self help book for the financially challenged, titled Rosetta Stone: How to Speak Rich. After all, when you find yourself in a playground like Palm Beach, you need to have the vernacular down pat. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with these phrases, which will likely come in handy when you find yourself lunching at Le Bilboquet. Between the clubs: The area betwixt the two clubs, one being the B&T (never refer to it as the Bath & Tennis Club) and the Everglades Club. Palm Beach, published in 2019, has a store on Via Mizner, and has recently designed a villa at The Colony Hotel. But times are changing for the old guard. Many longtime 33480ers have been heard querying over their 10,000, but between November and April, that number jumps closer to 25,000. Those estimates, however, were all pre-COVID, and given the lockdown status around the country and the more relaxed restrictions in South Florida, many found themselves decamping to Palm Beach for a much longer span. Even with the Lone Star State's rather lax orders to shelter in place, many Texans could be overheard in the (Continued) By Billy Fong The Brazilian Court The Colony Hotel Casa Gusto 28

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