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DALLAS ART FAIR, EDITION 14 By Catherine D. Anspon I t's the reason this issue devotes 12 pages to our inaugural Top Collectors in Texas feature (pages 76- 96), and why Dallas has eclipsed every other city in the state as a dynamic 21st-century nexus for collecting and visual culture. Just as a great newspaper leads a town, so has the Dallas Art Fair jump-started engagement (including with the city's top three museums and their trustees), stimulated intellectual curiosity, and birthed serious inquiry into the art of collecting contemporary artists from around the globe — talents whose work possesses smart content, paired with singular, finely honed aesthetics. Dare we say that few collectors on our Top 25 list would ever miss this rite of spring. Kudos to John Sughrue, who co-founded Dallas Art Fair back in 2009 with Chris Byrne (now leading the Elaine de Kooning House Residency) — an endeavor unique in being the only non big-box major fair in America. DAF is Texas born and raised. Against many odds, the fair has grown, survived challenges (the economic crisis of October 2008, months before its first edition; the pandemic-induced rescheduling of the 2020 and 2021 editions), and thrived to impact and bring together not only an entire community, but arts enthusiasts, advocates, curators, and collectors across the state. Dallas Art Fair roars back at full capacity this month, returning to Fashion Industry Gallery. The robust, full-sized 14th edition (Continued) 44

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