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CITY OF STARS A ll the greats have a story to tell. Some use history, some satire, while others place us in a time that's distant from our own and let imagination guide. In these stories, we seek our payoff — our escape from the ordinary. Leaving the rational world behind, guided by emotion, by passion … This is what scent is. Mysterious and often abstract. Something known but oftentimes difficult to understand. None of this is easy. To truly craft a story that is believable — one that transports, that makes us question, long, believe, or feel — is a trick that requires sincerity and dedication. In an age of authenticity, trying too hard can lead us astray while not trying enough sees us clicking next a mere moment later. Upward. Onward. There are always more stories. Louis Vuitton's Cologne Perfumes collection is, at its heart, a love story. It's an ode to the City of Angels — an ongoing collaboration between master perfumer Jacques C a v a l l i e r Belletrud and c o n t e m p o r a r y artist Alex Israel, w h e r e b y t w o masters perform alchemy to lead us to another place. A l l p e r f u m e s aspire to this; a select few succeed. This collection has its chapters, each capturing a different emotion. S u n S o n g i s a sunny morning caress, while Afternoon Swim is about diving into an ocean of pleasure. The latest chapter, City of Stars, is a cologne du soir, a journey into the night. Meant to capture the beating heart of Los Angeles, it blends a citrus quintet with tiare flower and sandalwood. Fresh and spontaneous, it has a touch of warmth and a sophisticated appeal that's encapsulated by the work of Israel, who created original artwork for the series using saturated colors that feel like the West Coast. The two masters have written the story; it's up to you to see where it leads. Louis Vuitton City of Stars eau de parfum, 100ML $280, 200ML $410, at select Louis Vuitton boutiques. "IT'S A VIEW FROM THE HILLS, THROUGH SILHOUETTED PALM TREES, OVERLOOKING HOLLYWOOD AND THE GRID OF CITY LIGHTS BELOW. THIS VANTAGE IMPLIES A DOMESTIC SETTING — AS IF YOU'RE ON A BEDROOM BALCONY OR IN A BACKYARD BY A POOL OR A TENNIS COURT, STANDING OUTSIDE AND ADMIRING THE VIEW. THE SPOTLIGHTS MUST BE EMANATING FROM THE RED CARPET OF A MOVIE PREMIER, OR AN AWARDS SHOW …" – Alex Israel Alex Israel 72

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