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W hy pink?" I asked. With a knowing wink, he said, "I liked pink when it wasn't cool. [Of course, he did.] It's currently in the zeitgeist, as it should be. Because who doesn't look good in it? And it makes you smile. We all need that right now." He followed this up with: "Have you met Ashley Longshore yet?" He grabbed me by the arm and escorted me to the Teak Room, the boutique's dining spot. The New Orleans-based artist was holding court and looked stop-traffic stunning in a layered pink Valentino with matching pink tights and pink platform heels. After I gushed over what she had created in the Teak Room — which was newly painted pink with a suite of Longshore's floral paintings and named Cafe Monette for the season — we had an excited convo. Given her loyal local collector following, I asked what she loves about visiting fans in Dallas. "I love my Dallas collectors," she said. "They are like exotic, fluffy birds of paradise. Unique, beautiful, loud, covered in gorgeous feathers and with very large nests" — an obvious nod to the palatial Highland Park manses where many of her canvases are found. Who doesn't love an evening that ends with an evacuation. Apparently, some sort of leak had taken place in the building, and we found ourselves with Park House patrons outside the building. We now officially hate the term "pivot," but, alas, that's what occurred, and thankfully it was at the very tail end of The Conservatory party. There was a quick change of venue as the remaining guests swanned over to Lounge 31. If only I had a photograph of Longshore and Corbin Chamberlin making their way in their striking ensembles blowing dramatically behind them in the windswept Highland Park Village parking lot. Chamberlin was also a marquee star (along with Longshore, Hilfiger, and jewelry designer Stephen Webster) that evening with the debut of his Sage & Salt Crystal Room in The Conservatory, where he welcomed guests to peruse crystals and to create their own collection. I stole away to a somewhat quiet corner to chat with Chamberlin and find out what he enjoyed about his visits to our fair hamlet. "The folks of Dallas crusade for a well- lived life and decorate with creativity, celebration, and a lot of sparkle." Spotted in the frenzied crowd doing early holiday shopping while sipping Bolke's favorite Katsra-politan with Kastra Elion Vodka: Tom Hanson, Kristin Bray, Zoe Bonnette, Stephen Summers, and Kelly Cheeseman. Pink Pretty in (Continued from page 52) Katherine Reeves Kristin Bray Pretty in prom pink Reed Robertson Jennifer Karol, TJ Griffin Dee Hilfiger Ashley Longshore Tommy Hilfiger Corbin Chamberlin Brian Bolke Stephen Webster Bill & Wendy Payne Tracy Hardenburg Meredith Needleman Brian Bolke Ashley Longshore Tommy Hilfiger

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