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bird brooch reminiscent of the one Lady Gaga wore at her inaugural performance, and black heels with tromp l'oeil gold toes over her actual toes. After our chat I met some of Roseberry's childhood friends as well as a few members of his family. Perhaps my favorite was his brother, Jed Roseberry, whose outfit was an obvious homage to Daniel's fashion journey: a cowboy hat and Thom Browne khaki jacket splashed with a large gold Schiaparelli brooch. I eventually made my way back to Daniel to congratulate him, bid him adieu, and ask one final question: does Paris feel like home? I hear the sincerity in his voice when he says that Texas still feels like home. "If anything I feel like an American in Paris." Erica Reid Catherine Bloom Sabrina Harrison Nini Nguyen Lana Todorovich, Erin Mathews Angela Malone Here, left, and above left: Schiaparelli Fall/Winter 2022 Taylor Tomasi Hill 58

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