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BESPOKE INTERIORS AT MINOTTICUCINE A packed day continued just a skip down Slocum Street at Minotticucine's new Dallas showroom, with 6,000 square feet of the Italian luxury brand's minimalist kitchens slabbed with natural materials and subtle attention to detail — a feast for the eyes. Guests, eager to explore the showroom, then took their seats for the illustrated talk entitled Bespoke Interiors: Creating Custom and Why it's Important. Offering their expertise were Jeffry Weisman, designer and co-founder of San Francisco-based Fisher Weisman Brugioni; Natasha Baradaran, founder of Natasha Baradaran Interior Design in Los Angeles; and Chad Dorsey, whose design studio is based in Dallas and has an outpost in Los Angeles; and moderating was Lloyd Princeton. Minotticucine showroom owner Hari Polavarapu and showroom director Josh Caballero welcomed Julie Koch, Rob Dailey, Henri Braun, Lori Castillo, Scott Cook, Ashley Raider, Melissa Gerstle, Shaun Thompson, Mil Bodron, Meagan Chapman, Liz Kamp, Michael Bauer, Callie Windle, Joshua Rice, Breck Woolsey, Paula Roza, John Bobbitt, and Dan Houchard. FANTASY & FOLLY AT CHRISTOPHER MARTIN GALLERY A n ebullient trio of designers — Pietro Cicognani (Cicognani Kalla Architect, NYC), Lisa Fine (Lisa Fine Textiles, Dallas, NYC), and Eric Groft (Oehme vanSweden|OvS, Washington, D.C.) — took to the stage at Christopher Martin Gallery for the panel discussion Creating Fantasy and Folly — Architecture, Design, Landscape. The afternoon of wine, books and covetable images was moderated by Chesie Breen. All three designers had the audience eating out of their hands — especially Cicognani with his charming Italian accent. Honestly, he could have read the periodical table, and we would have hung on every word. Projects he discussed included the renovation of a church into a private residence in Venice; Isabella Rossellini's residence in upstate New York, which was once a barn; a private chapel shaped like an egg on a client's estate; and a chicken coop — likely the chicest chicken coop anyone had ever seen. Next up was Lisa Fine, the celebrated textile designer and last was Eric Groft, who is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, co-chair of the board of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, and member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art's Bunny Mellon Laurel Society and the Royal Oak Foundation. Billy Fong Christopher Martins' Kim Meardon welcomed Nancy Dedman, Brad Kelly, Christy Berry, Janet Gridley, Tyler Fields, Eduardo Natel, Joyce Fox, Amy and Aaron Donham, Arin Blaylock, Brenda Blaylock, Coy Barton, Ed Hill, Leslie Martin, Kim Meardon, Mark Curtis and Melanie Turner. PHOTOGRAPHY JONATHAN ZIZZO PHOTOGRAPHY JONATHAN ZIZZO Eric Groft Chesie Breen Eleanor Grindinger Kim Markham Henri Braun, Lloyd Princeton, Axton Reilly Jeffry Weisman, Chad Dorsey Natasha Baradaran, Josh Caballero Hari Polavarapu Joshua Rice Breck Woolsey Rob Dailey John Bobbitt Dan Houchard Lisa Fine Pietro Cicognani 83

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