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SUMMER THORNTON AT DAVID SUTHERLAND I t was a colorful morning at David Sutherland showroom with coffee, mimosas, and a lively conversation between designer Summer Thornton and PaperCity's Billy Fong. Welcomed to the showroom by David and Ann Sutherland, Thornton delighted the group with behind-the-scenes stories of her projects in her home city of Chicago and beyond. Following the talk, she signed copies of her new book Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli). PC Seen: Autumn and Marcus Mohan, Shelby Goff, April Manson, Josh Thornton, Juliette Jacobs, Giovanny Mora, Kerri McCulloch, Madison Frees, Kim Ridley, Kim Dinota, Tracy McNeese, Laiken Bergeron, Holly Hickey Moore, Matt Mazur, Meredith Hardin, Melanie Marshall, Lauren Carr, Madeline Austin, Tina Jeppesen, Mary Pat Wallace, Erin Sander, Barb Mayo, Kristen Shaffer, Margot Stevens, and Jennifer Greer. PHOTOGRAPHY JORDAN GEIBEL Autumn & Marcus Mohan Kim Diota, Tracy McNeese Billy Fong Shelby Goff, April Manson David & Ann Sutherland, Summer & Josh Thornton ICON OF DESIGN STEPHEN SILLS AT WELLS ABBOTT SHOWROOM M oderator Chesie Breen stepped in at the 11th hour to moderate a talk with Stephen Sills, one of the world's foremost designers, replacing David Netto who came down with COVID. Breen and Sills took the group on a lively and insightful journey through some of Sills' work, as well as career highlights and philosophies on design and life, all while surrounded by gorgeous textiles and charming vignettes in the Wells Abbott showroom where owner Lauren Hudson and director Michael Flores welcomed the crowd. The conversation took us back to Sills' roots and how, as a boy growing up in Durant, Oklahoma, he would travel to Dallas to take painting lessons — something that laid the foundation for everything he knows about design, he says. Later, as a young man, he lived in a townhome on Welborn Street in Dallas. PC Seen: Nancy Dedman, Brad Kelly, Casa Branca's Georgia McElveen and Andrew Uihlein, Janet Gridley, Javier Velasco, Porter, Wilson Fuqua, Dan Houchard, Josh Pickering, Callie Windle, Katrina Couch, Mil Bodron, Tara Arikawe, Christine Humbert, and Ramon Longoria. PHOTOGRAPHY JONATHAN ZIZZO Janet Gridley Michael Flores Lauren Hudson Stephen Sills Georgia McElveen Chesie Breen, Andrew Uihlein 84

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