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your children about a divorce. A financial expert helps clients build a financial plan for their future based on their share of the estate. Calabrese urges, "Lean on the expertise of professionals to cultivate the most solution-oriented and creative mindset." Your kids aren't getting divorced. You are. Divorce impacts children. Often, shadow figures take hardline approaches when it comes to kids. Calabrese says, "It is not uncommon to overhear a family member tell my client that they shouldn't let their spouse ever see their kids ever again — regardless of what that parent has done." Shadow figures can be too emotionally attached and think they are truly helping by offering advice on what should happen with custody, when they are actually fanning the flames. T h e i r a d v i c e m a y b e n e i t h e r r e a s o n a b l e n o r r e a l i s t i c u n d e r t h e l a w. B e c a u s e h i g h - c o n f l i c t divorce inevitably impacts children, Calabrese says, "Taking extreme positions in your divorce can spill over and negatively impact your child's emotional well-being." Forget the past. Focus on the future Focusing on the future means staying in a solution-oriented space, rather than bickering over insignificant disputes that don't advance your interests. "It's easy for parties to get stuck arguing over the little things," Budner says. "We enable our clients to focus on the big picture. This involves centering our clients around their main objectives and setting aside the minor arguments that only result in a more drawn out, expensive process." Calabrese Budner believes this strategy gives their clients the best opportunity to reach solutions that meet their goals and interests. Calabrese says, "We want our clients to leave our office feeling ready and empowered for their next chapter. For more on Calabrese Budner, check out Calabrese Budner 5944 Luther Lane #875 Dallas, TX 75225 214.939.3000 Carla Calabrese Lee Budner " WE RECOGNIZE ALL CASES AND CLIENTS ARE UNIQUE. WE DEVISE LEGAL STRATEGIES THAT PRIORITIZE OUR CLIENT'S NEEDS AND GOALS OVER EMOTIONAL WARFARE. " 91

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