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Chic A ncient & Modern lives up to its name, with mantels and architectural elements that merge the elegance of classical forms with the simplicity of modernism's clean lines. Made to order, each piece is handmade by stonemasons in Italy and Portugal from Italian marble, French limestone, and English Portland stone. Established in London in 1983, the company first made its reputation with elegantly engineered cantilevered and post- tensioned staircases sculpted in marble, glass, and metal. Mantels and architectural elements followed, including fa├žades, window and door frames, specialized flooring and wall panels, mirrors, and plinths, along with tables, garden sculptures, baths, and basins. These remarkable stonework pieces are created by the company's team of architects and engineers, and a global team of stone masons and project managers oversees installation, start to finish, with works found in residences, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and civic spaces around the world. Ancient & Modern, to the trade at David Sutherland Showroom, Decorative Center Houston, 5120 Woodway Dr., sutherlandfurniture. com. Rebecca Sherman Waterfall Bath in Estremoz Lagoa marble Ionian mantel in Calacatta Apuano Italian marble Solid limestone cantilevered staircase in a Georgian townhouse St. Ives table in Noir St. Laurent French marble Stone Cold 66

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