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Right: Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665, at the Mauritshuis, The Hague. Far right: George Condo's Red Antipodular Portrait, 1996, at Sprüth Magers. Clockwise from top left: Wolfgang Tillmans' Lutz and Alex Sitting in the Trees, 1992, at MoMA, NYC. Julian Schnabel's Large Girl With No Eyes, 2001. Alberto Giacometti's Tall Woman IV, circa 1960- 1961, at Fondation Giacometti, Paris. Lucian Freud's Man with a Thistle (Self- Portrait), 1946, at Tate Britain. J AMES SURLS, one of the preeminent living artists from Texas working in the U.S. today; sculptor; heroic works in wood are in collections of Smithsonian American A r t M u s e u m , M o M A , Guggenheim, Whitney. "I asked my wife, artist Charmaine Locke, who she would choose to do her portrait, and she said Georgia O'Keeffe. I asked her why, and her answer was 'Because she did very vivid, c o l o r f u l , a n d romantic portrayals of nature and was one of the most important, if not the most important female artist of the 20th century.' That answer made me wonder who indeed I would choose. There is much to make me think that Vermeer may be the most important and best painter of all time … He would not only paint what represented the outside of me, but also what was inside of me." C O R N E L I A G U E S T, actress; animal activist; daughter of C.Z and Winston Guest; former Deb of the Decade; author of The Debutante's Guide to Life. "Having been painted by Andy Warhol, I think I'd like Julian Schnabel, as I adore his work. Or perhaps an Old Master ... maybe Tiepolo ... I would love him to paint me with all my dogs." C AMERON SILVER, founder of L.A. vintage powerhouse Decades; created exhibition for MOCA; dresses top celebs for the red carpet; starred in Bravo's The Dukes of Melrose. "I would love to be photographed by Wolfgang Tillmans. Many years ago, I attended an opening reception at Regen Projects in Los Angeles, followed by a dinner in honor of Mr. Tillmans. The rawness of the images left an indelible impact that continues to captivate me." D AVID AND ANN SUTHERLAND, founders of Sutherland and Perennials brands; art collectors. David Sutherland "I would want Lucian Freud, an artist whose work is anything but realistic — which would scare me — but totally recognizable. A 'soft' Picasso, if you will." Ann Sutherland "I will take Alberto Giacometti as a sculpture, as his stylized b ro n z e s re p re s e n t t h e Existentialist point of view. As I ponder his figures, I realize that his viewpoint would translate me as tall and thin — something I have always admired but not quite achieved." L ESTER MARKS, Art League Houston's 2002 Texas Patron of the Year; often figures in ARTnews Top 200 Collectors and Art & Antiques 100 of America's Top Collectors issues; recently segued from blue-chip to investigating Black artists. "I would choose George Condo. No one including myself wants to look at a realistic portrait of my ugly mug. George could spice things up a bit!" JULIAN SCHNABEL (ABRAMS © 2003), © JULIAN SCHNABEL. THE PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK (PHAIDON © 2000); COURTESY INTERIM ART, LONDON / ANDREA ROSEN GALLERY, NYC. © SUCCESSION ALBERTO GIACOMETTI / ADAGP, PARIS, 2022 (Continued) MAURITSHUIS, THE HAGUE 40

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