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Letter from the Editor Illustration Russel Gandy I 've taken to revisiting old episodes of Sex and the City. And now trying to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw (sans tulle balletcore skirt — as much as I might try, I couldn't pull it off) as I write this month's letter. In front of you, you'll find Art and the City: our annual issue devoted to all the aesthetic pleasures Dallas has in store for the 30 days ahead. Plus, you'll find a stunning art-filled Manhattan pied- à-terre designed by Emily Summers for a Dallas art collecting couple. A Miz Bradshaw comment seems appropriate here: "In New York, they say, you're always looking for a job, a boyfriend, or an apartment." Well, these Upper East Side residents most certainly found their real estate nirvana. One major highlight of April is the 16th iteration of the Dallas Art Fair. Granted, it can be intimidating to insinuate yourself into that world — an ecosystem existing on currency that boggles the mind, where gallery men in sleek Celine suits and gallerinas in avant-garde Japanese designers, both in shades of noir, seem to effortlessly drop lines like "I appreciate their recent work. It's devoid of narrative." What? Even I had to do a double take to unriddle that phrase when I first heard it. I say adopt a sprezzatura attitude when wandering amongst the booths at Fashion Industry Gallery. (Yes, I happened upon that word the other day — it means studied nonchalance — and vowed to use it soon.) It worked perfectly pour moi when wandering into Hauser & Wirth's space during Art Basel Miami (and I didn't even know then I was sprezzatura incarnate). And, if searching for some cocktail chatter, use the little parlour game we've included in this issue. Just ask the question: "Who do you dream of doing your portrait. With the caveat that the artist can be living or dead and in any medium, not just painting." As you'll see from the responses we elicited, it can be quite illuminating. I'll leave you with perhaps the sagest of all of Carrie's quotable quotes: "I like my money right where I can see it ... Hanging in my closet." Truth. See our gallery-perfect fashion pages and slip one of these enviable investments into your wardrobe. I'll be sure to give you a congratulatory wink from afar at one of the many art soirées ahead. XO Billy Fong Dallas & Fort Worth Editor 24

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