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game By Billy Fong with Catherine D. Anspon Portrait Parlour C ORNELIA GUEST, actress; animal activist; daughter of C.Z and Winston Guest; former Deb of the Decade; author of The Debutante's Guide to Life. "Having been painted by Andy Warhol, I think I'd like Julian Schnabel, as I adore his work. Or perhaps an Old Master ... maybe Tiepolo ... I would love him to paint me with all my dogs." B RIAN BOLKE, luxury merchant; founder of Forty Five Ten and The Conservatory; chaired Dallas Museum of Art's Art Ball and TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art. "For sure, Andy Warhol. I'd want a series, of course, in big bold colors, but I'd be perfectly happy with a Polaroid." H O WA R D A N D C I N D Y R A C H O F S K Y, a m o n g ARTnews Top 200 Collectors; residence is a Richard Meier- designed art repository, The Rachofsky House; founders TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art. Howard Rachofsky "How about Nicolas Party, our 2024 TWO x TWO honoree. His haunting and mysterious figures stay in your mind long after you've been in their presence, and his eccentric color palette would show me in a new light." Cindy Rachofsky "Mine would be Gustav Klimt — similar to his painting The Kiss. Being married to Mr. Romance (dashing husband and art-world partner Howard Rachofsky), I think of us when I see that beautiful painting. The romantic subject matter, the sentimental iconography and intimate embrace … I love it all. Howard, not so much." W e so adore parlour games. Beyond the intriguing info that might b e g a t h e re d , it's a lifesaver when dinner-party chatter turns into an extended pause or veers into politics. Here's one we love to pull from our quiver of queries: "Who do you dream of doing your portrait?" The artist — living or dead — can work in any medium, from painting or sculpture to photography. For April Arts Month, we approached some of our favorite personalities with this hypothetical. Some took the assignment to heart and sent back thorough, insightful answers. Others, fluttering away to their next cocktail soirée, offered a quick and witty réponse. We adore them all. Middle column, from top: Gustav Klimt's The Kiss, 1907-1908, at Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna. Nicolas Party's Red Portrait, 2017. Richard Pettibone's Andy Warhol's Elvis, 1964, 1971. Above: Julian Schnabel's Large Girl With No Eyes, 2001. JULIAN SCHNABEL (ABRAMS © 2003), © JULIAN SCHNABEL ART OF THE 20TH CENTURY (TASCHEN, © 2000) © BELVEDERE, VIENNA THOMAS MUELLER ELVIS + MARILYN 2 X IMMORTAL (RIZZOLI © 1994) TOM PATCHETT COLLECTION, COURTESY CURT MARCUS GALLERY, NYC.

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