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C HRISTEN WILSON, two passions: art and fashion; chaired DMA's Silver Supper and TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art; often found front row at NYC and Paris fashion shows. "My choice would be Cindy Sherman. She wouldn't just photograph me, she'd 'Shermanize' me, turning my likeness into a piece of art that screams fashion, but with a skew." T A N N E R M O U S S A , f u r n i t u r e d e s i g n e r alongside his sister, Mackenzie Moussa Lewis; co-founder MOUS. "Magritte, who painted The Son of Man, which popped up in the iconic The Thomas Crown Affair. I'm drawn to his portrayal of the ethereal unknown — head in the clouds, piquing curiosity, blending reality with the unexpected." E RIN MATHEWS, titan in the real estate world; art collector; Chanel aficionado. "My dream artist would be Jean-Michel Basquiat. I'm confident his portrait of me would show more than just the physical but also the true 'me' — with empathy." N ANCY STRAUSS HALBREICH, former board member, Dallas Museum of Art; former senior associate of Fine and Decorative Arts, Heritage Auction Galleries; dedicated philanthropist; daughter of former Dallas mayor Annette Strauss. "I'm afraid John Singer Sargent would be too on the nose. Let's go with Magritte. He'll likely cover my face with a green apple or a tree … but given that I shun the spotlight and am camera-shy, that is just fine." C ERON, solamente C e r o n ; o u r o w n Warren Beatty in Shampoo; hairstylist to the stars. "I would looooveee [exact enunciation] Michael Shane Neal. I'm fascinated with the fabulous way he portrays people. So elegant and beautiful. I'm a huge fan, but I would need gobs of money to afford a sitting. Love-love-love his work." B ILLY FONG, PaperCity Dallas + Fort Worth editor in chief, lover of parlour-game questions and the telling answers they elicit. "As for myself, I would either go with John Currin (à la Stamford After-Brunch, which depicts a trio of girls enjoying cocktails and convo) or Dan Flavin, known for his fluorescent light-tube installations — because who wouldn't want to be depicted as slender and bright." Right: René Magritte's L'idée (The Idea), 1966. Far right: Michael Shane Neal's Self Portrait (detail), 2011. Clockwise: Cindy Sherman's Untitled #574, 2016, at National Portrait Gallery, London. René Magritte's Le fils de l'homme (The Son of Man), 1964, private collection. John Currin's Stamford After-Brunch, 2000, Stefan T. Edlis Collection. Jean-Michel Basquiat's Trumpet (detail), 1984, at Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida. BASQUIAT BY MARC MAYER (MERRELL © 2005). COURTESY NORTON MUSEUM OF ART. JOHN CURRIN (RIZZOLI). PHOTO ANDY KEATE. MAGRITTE: IDEAS AND IMAGES (ABRAMS © 1977) COURTESY THE ARTIST

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