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Design-Filled DAZE A Wrap-Up of 5 W hat: An intimate dinner honoring Texas Design Week Dallas o u t - o f - t o w n speakers, in the Sheppard King room at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Spotted: Ann and David Sutherland, Mark Sikes, Meredith and Hunter Ellis, Doniphan Moore, Tanner Moussa, Brian Sawyer, Lance Scott, Greg Fourticq and John Cone, Sue Jones, Michael Diaz-Griffith, Mara Miller and Jesse Carrier, Julie Koch, Michael Imber, Jan and Jim Showers, Nazira Handal, Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill, Charlotte Carr, Doug Ebel, Mason Beck, and PaperCity's Billy Fong. What: Morning talk and book signing with architect D. Stanley Dixon at Carol Piper Rugs. Takeaway: Morning mimosas paired beautifully with imagery from the decorated Southern architect Stan Dixon's debut book. "In residential projects, it's important for everyone to be on the same page and put their egos aside," he said. "It's not who's been published the most or has more accolades. It's about getting in there and creating the story of what this house is going to be about. That's when a house goes from being good to being great." What: Illustrated talk and book signing with landscape architect Brian Sawyer and architect John Berson, introduced by Chesie Breen, at the new Blue Print showroom. Takeaway: Since launching their New York City firm, Sawyer | Berson, in 1999, the power duo's holistic design approach has earned countless accolades, including the 2023 McKim, Mead & White award for a fashionable new ballroom at The Pierre hotel. The starry roster of clients includes record producer Mark Ronson, Julianne Moore, Bette Midler, and Vera Wang. Bailey Polkinghorn Elizabeth Hudson at Blue Print John Cone, Julie Koch Greg Fourticq at Mansion dinner John Berson, Cynthia Collins Brian Sawyer at Blue Print John Corso, Sanaa Sahi, Stan Dixon at Carol Piper Ann & David Sutherland at Mansion dinner Jennifer Lloyd Cammie Drinkwater at Carol Piper Charlotte Carr, Mason Beck at Mansion dinner Hunter & Meredith Ellis at Mansion dinner 88

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