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D inner conversation ran the gamut from "I love fried chicken" (Art 2 Catering maestro Cassandra Moses had chosen that as the marquee star for the evening's menu) to "When are you moving in?" Quite a few at the table, including one couple who are moving into the penthouse at the new Terminal building on the Katy Trail, were in the process of relocating. Yes, Dallas' version of the Monopoly board is always a hot topic. My own question of the night was: "What was your high school/ college drink of choice?" This crowd came up with responses that varied from Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill to Bartles & Jaymes and Coors. Bolke eventually stood to make the most personal of remarks. He began by thanking Marguerite, a quiet partner of The Conservatory, and then acknowledging many at the table who had been clients since the start of his career. Then he turned his attention to an honored guest of the evening: Italian designer Alberta Ferretti. "After 9/11, as big European brands brought their collections to NYC as the U.S. store buyers would not travel, Alberta Ferretti took a chance on me and was the first big brand that Forty Five Ten was invited to buy," Bolke said. "And we did — very nervously, and barely hitting the minimum. We bought three every expensive skirts and all sold the first day they hit the floor, signaling to me that we could indeed sell designer clothes, and I have been loyal ever since." Glorious architecture, gorgeous fashion, a museum-worthy art collection, and a stunning guest list … Only two words could adequately summarize the anniversary celebration: pitch perfect. In fact, I sent Brian a text the next day, applauding him and saying just that and asking for his thoughts about the night. In his usual Brian Bolke way, he responded, "Planning any dinner outside in Dallas is not for the faint of heart. I feel so lucky about the weather but, more important, that it turned into the most casual dinner with friends." Some of the friends spotted at the family- style table included Bolke's husband, Faisal Halum; Lisa Runyon; art collector Cindy Rachofsky; Partlow boots founder Kasey Lemkin, who came with her sister-in- law Margaret Lemkin; architect David Droese with his PR whiz wife Suzanne Droese; Juliette Aston; Jennifer Karol; Christen and Derek Wilson; Todd Fiscus and Ceron; Leigh Anne Clark; Reed Robertson; Porschla Kidd; and, in from Houston (and Paris), Becca Cason Thrash. Porschla Kidd Travis Christian Lori Mikles Keely Cawley John & Jennifer Eagle Billy Fong Susan Rutledge Ceron, Jennifer Karol Missy Peck, Becca Cason Thrash Derek & Christen Wilson Cindy Rachofsky, Brian Bolke Alberta Ferretti, Khoa Nguyen Kara Goss Kasey Lemkin, Faisal Halum Margaret Lemkin

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