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(Continued from page 46) (Continued) Designer Round Top A f ter dinner, the crowd gravitated toward the DJ station and Moroccan lounge where Caravan owners Adil Belaguid and Jade Pleming, who created the exotic decor, were swathed in turbans and velvet filigreed caftans. With punched-brass lanterns, leather poufs, and a rich assortment of fabrics and rugs, the opulent space was the backdrop for countless portraits and duck-lipped selfies with Bullard and Ireland. DJ Damon Pampolina rocked the kasbah well into the evening with an energetic mix of '80s pop hits. Let's just say what happens at The Halles, stays at The Halles. What guests did take home, however, were cocktail infusion jars from The Southern Spirit. The capers continued the following evening with cocktails and book signings for Bullard and Ireland, where Country Sunshine's espresso martinis were the drink du soir. The duo took time to chat and pose with each guest who picked up copies of their recently published tomes, Star Style: Interiors of Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Ireland's A Life in Design: Celebrating 30 years of Interiors. JORDAN GEIBEL Domus Caviar by Chloe Di Leo Kasey Massey & Mayor Mark Massey Carrie Streiff Sarah Stillwell Annie Miranda-Sommer, Greg Fourticq Lauren Corbin, John Cone, Anna Hoffman Jade Pleming & Adil Belaguid Autumn & Marcus Mohon Danielle Knox Thomas Diehl, Tonya Reid Susan Horne, Meghan Horne Emily Moss, Christiane Jamieson, Kathryn Ireland Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Adil Belaguid Ashley Moss, Sarah Stillwell, Ashley Rader Carrie Streiff, Candi Bullard Marcus & DeeAnn Thigpen 48

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