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(Continued from page 48) Designer Round Top R o u n d u p : D a v i d Sutherland, Cameron Silver, Mayor Mark Massey and Kasey Massey, Susan and Fred Massey, Beverly Jacomini, Harry and Kathy Masterson, DeeAnn and Marcus Thigpen, Andrea Riebeling, Linda O'Neil, Greg Fourticq and John Cone, Autumn and Marcus Mohon, Thomas Diehl, Tonya Reid, Courtney Greenwood, Linda Plant, Reenie Collins, JanMarie Yancovich, Letecia Haywood, Annmarie Scichili, Cindy Ciskowski, Crystal Nichols, Robin Hume, Verona Disdier, Cassie Seacrest, Lauren Shapiro, Lynn Shapiro, Candi and Paul Bullard, Glynis Wood, Cassandra Brand, Deborah Kirk, Sara Marcille, Anne-Laure Stephens, Lisa Mende, Emily Moss, Ashley Moss, Ashley Rader, Megan Hurdle, Raven Labatt, Amy Martin, Jennifer Gagliardi-Pampolina, Clare Levy, Allyson Cavender, Swayze White, Anna Jones, Wendy Burks, Diane Shaw, and Lesley McGinnis, Suzanne Wade, Ashley Bridges-Willis, and John Walker. Caviar bumps! Cassie Seacrest, Kristine Zell, Robin Hume, Elizabeth Hill Rachael Volz, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Kristen McDaniel, Betty Soos Beverly Jacomini, David Sutherland Kathy & Harry Masterson Raven Labatt, Linda O'Neil Andrea Riebeling JORDAN GEIBEL Courtney Greenwood Kelly O'Donnell Tracey Shingledecker Joanna Mahserdjian Annmarie Scichili Hannah Khachadourian Verona Disdier, Magdalena Gaona A Night in Marrakech dinner tables 50

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