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CAMH 65TH BIRTHDAY GALA, PART II FIVE CAMH IMPRESARIOS WEIGH IN BILL ARNING: Most indelible CAMH moment … "When we co-presented with Nameless Sound the great free jazz improviser Roscoe Mitchell, along with Alvin Fielder, in front of the full and rarely seen works by the legendary French artist Gina Pane. Even better was the large, diverse audience — a conspicuous mix of jazz aficionados my age and older and 22-year-old wildly plugged-in Houstonians. Mixes of generations and art forms of which the future is all about, and I like that CAMH gets to lead the way." MARITA FAIRBANKS: Best birthday … "Forty was pretty fab. I hap- pened to be expecting at the time, but that didn't stop us from having a Studio 54-themed disco bash! All my favorite people were there, including my 96- and 94-year-old grandparents." JAMES SURLS: Most indelible CAMH moment … "The bread-throwing brawl at the Antoni Miralda show [1979] was one in a million, a serious moment. But maybe my favorite moment was when Lucy Lippard came in to review the exhibition I had curated for the CAMH; it was called 'Fire' and had 100 Texas artists represented [1979]. The first thing Lucy did was count the men, and then count the women, then she counted how many minorities; she did a full spreadsheet on all the artists to see if I had been fair to the community. After she gave me a good grade, she then gave the CAMH a centerfold in Art in America, titled 'The Texas Red Hots.' God, did I love it all." SUSIE CRINER: Most indelible CAMH moment … "Yoko Ono show, early 2000s." RYAN GORDON: Best birthday … "I turned 21 in Paris. I have no memory of it, but I know it was an amazing time." PARTY QUERY: IN KEEPING WITH THE OCCASION, PLEASE SHARE: MOST INDELIBLE CAMH MOMENT. YOUR BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. 1. 2. OCTOBER | PAGE 14 | 2014 Adam Zylman Vanessa Sanchez Sara Paschall Dodd Bill Arning Campbell Eifler Lucinda Loya Kate Bellin Annie Eifler Janna Zylman Rick Thielke Claire Cormier Thielke Reggie Smith Leigh Smith Karen Farber Alexandre Rosa Alecia Harris Kelly Silvers Glen Gonzalez Bill Caudell Max Fields Sabiha Rehmatulla Denby Auble Kerry Inman Jim Buaas Cristina Buaas Steve Putman Ryan Gordon Ashley Putman Co-chairman Marita Fairbanks Bill Goldberg Lauren Rottet Ford Hubbard Emily Todd Marley Lott Watching the auction results with bated breath William Middleton Fredericka Hunter Pedja Muzijevic Eddie Allen Greg Fourticq Jr. Molly Hubbard Jim Furr Nancy Allen Lester Marks Penelope Marks Surls gazing Mickey Rosmarin Evan Rottet James Surls Mise en scène Good for art stomping

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