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CATHERINE D. ANSPON CONTEMPLATES THE DIAMONDS. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL. Zadok Jewelers' Verrrry Tony Vault Party THE STONES SPEAK JEWELRY SUMMONS For weeks, an ornate, vitrine-shaped invite held court in my office โ€” a coveted social summons to a unique evening: a Vault Party presented by Zadok Jewelers at the home of Sheridan and John Eddie Williams. I couldn't race to the Timmons post office fast enough to pop my RSVP in the mail. When the big night arrived, I strolled in at the same time as Mindy Hildebrand (whom I thanked for opening up River Oaks Donuts). Impressed by the River Oaks home's elegant interiors (designed by J. Randall Powers), we paused for chitchat with Margaret Williams and Jim Daniel, then strolled along rows upon rows of vitrines of sparkling jewels, flawlessly curated by the Zadok famille โ€” Helene and Dror Zadok, Amy and Segev Zadok, Lisa and Gilad Zadok, and Michelle and Jonathan Zadok A magnificent necklace groaning with 80 carats of pear- shaped and round diamonds, once in the Vanderbilt family, was one among many showstoppers. SOCIAL STUNNERS Guests tore themselves from the bijoux to wander the wings of the Williamses' recently completed, stunning mega- square foot home, and enjoyed an alfresco buffet dinner from Elizabeth Swift, set on a magnificently landscaped terrace โ€” but most had appetites only for the stones. The tony set: Katie and A.J. Brass; Minnie and Will Baird; Stuart Stedman; Pat Breen, dishing with Janet Gurwitch; Yvonne and Rufus Cormier; Susie Dilg; Nicole and Evan Katz; Carol and Michael Linn and Dancie and Jim Ware in dialogue; Martine and Ricardo Weitz; Laura Sweeney; Karen and Todd Blue; Talia and Brent Kallop; Lora and John Clemmons; Courtney and Bo Hopson; Melissa and Charlie Zarikian; Joanna and Todd Brooks; Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell; Karen and Mike Mayell; Dawn and Walter Lowe; Tricia and David Dewhurst; and, trying on the most epic rings, Lee Williams and mom, Doris Cantrell. Michelle Zadok Jonathan Zadok Host Sheridan Williams Dror Zadok John Clemmons Mike Mayell Karen Mayell Margaret Williams Mindy Hildebrand Helene Zadok Doris Cantrell Stuart Stedman Janet Gurwitch Carol Linn Amy Zadok Segev Zadok Pat Breen A.J. Brass Todd Blue Karen Blue Stephanie Cockrell Ernie Cockrell Tricia Dewhurst David Dewhurst Katie Brass Evan Katz Nicole Katz Gilad Zadok Lisa Zadok Michael Linn Host John Eddie Williams Lee Williams Lora Clemmons 5 B / 6 . 5 B / 6 , 3 6 7 S F $ 4 , 1 9 9 , 0 0 0 L AU R A S W E E N E Y, J O H N D AU G H E R T Y R E A LT O R S 7 1 3 . 5 0 3 . 0 7 0 0 mobile L AU R A S J O H N D AU G H E R T Y. C O M An extraordinary home. Good neighbors. Luxury beyond expectation. Old World European craftsmanship. Leading edge technique and technologies. The perfect balance of old and new, style and comfort. Beautiful spaces. One of a kind homes in the River Oaks tradition of classic architecture and design. 713.661.1500 | | TA K E the T O U R to perfection ยท river oaks ADDRESSED

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