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PLACES TO GO. PEOPLE TO SEE. WITH SO MANY PEOPLE OF INTEREST IN TOWN FOR THE FAIR — HELLO, PAOLA PIVI AND REBECCA WARD — IT'S NO SURPRISE OUR DATEBOOKS WERE PACKED WITH DINNER PARTIES, OPENINGS AND ARTFUL FÊTES. HERE, WE HIGHLIGHT OUR FAVORITE TO-DOS OF THE JAM-PACKED WEEK. DINNER FOR ARTIST REBECCA WARD AND RONCHINI GALLERY Locale: Grange Hall Noted: Libertine founder and designer Johnson Hartig snapped selfies with fashion plate Nasiba Hartland-Mackie, co-host of the eve with her stylish mother-in-law Georgina Hartland and gallery owner Lorenzo Ronchini, in town from London for the Art Fair. IRVING PENN EXHIBITION OPENING Locale: Dallas Museum of Art Noted: The lights played cheeky tricks on patrons by staging a blackout, but brief technical difficulties didn't stop interim director Walter Elcock from hosting the VIP opening of the highly anticipated Irving Penn retrospective. The show (through August 14) includes more than 140 photographs from Penn's nearly 70-year career. We gazed endlessly at the photos he took of his wife and model Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn. DINNER FOR ARTIST OLIVER CLEGG AND ERIN CLULEY GALLERY Locale: Erin Cluley Gallery Noted: The dining table was a work of art — Until the Cows Come Home, 2014, by Brooklyn artist Oliver Clegg — that rotated like an avant-garde carousel while guests dined around it. Hosted by Tammy Cotton Hartnett and Olivia Smith, the interactive dinner brought to mind a game of social roulette. DALLAS CONTEMPORARY PRIVATE EXHIBITION OPENING Locale: Dallas Contemporary Noted: Artist Paola Pivi's exhibition, "Ma'am," delighted the contempo crowd, with her life-sized, feather- covered bears stealing the show — and starring in many Instagram snaps. Artist Dan Colen showcased "Oil Painting," a sample of small-scale drawings, still-life paintings and mixed-media works from his 15-year career. Everyday materials employed in his mind-bending art include chewing gum, flowers and trash. "Burry," the North American exhibition debut of work from artist and fashion designer Helmut Lang, also proved popular, with its in-depth study of sheepskin metamorphosed by applying tar to the otherwise soft material. THE EYE BALL HOSTED BY HEADINGTON COMPANIES AND THE JOULE Locale: Grassy environs surrounding artist Tony Tasset's Eye, 2007 Noted: That massive blue fiberglass pupil across Main Street from The Joule hotel kept watch over Shara Nova of the band My Brightest Diamond, as she performed for a packed house of 500 from a mobile stage. Hallucinatory tunnels, magicians from The Magic Castle and levitating genies made for quite the trippy Dallas Art Fair finale. JULY/AUGUST | PAGE 11 | 2016 "TASSET'S EYE BEGS US TO PLAY WITH PERCEPTION — WHAT YOU SEE, HOW YOU SEE IT — AND THAT IDEA SERVED AS OUR CREATIVE INSPIRATION FOR THE EYE BALL. WE'VE HOSTED THE EYE BALL EACH YEAR WITH THE INTENTION TO LET OUT-OF- TOWNERS AND LOCALS REVEL WITHOUT INHIBITION AFTER A BUSY WEEK OF ARTSY COMMERCE … BUT, WITH A FEW SURPRISES, OF COURSE. THE ONLY SELF- IMPOSED RULE IS THAT THE EVENT IS NOT FUSSY, JUST FUN." — Jeny Bania, vice president, public relations and brand marketing, Headington Companies "LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THE ENTRY — SO CHIC! I ALSO ADORED MY HOT-PINK LAMÉ JACKET FROM TRAFFIC LA. IT WAS DALÍ-LICIOUS!!!" — Ceron, on the psychedelic tunnels leading into the Eye Ball Ashley Tatum Tammy Cotton Hartnett Chivas Clem at Erin Cluley Gallery Ludovica Barbieri at Dallas Contemporary Charles Smith II at Dallas Contemporary Sue Gragg at Grange Hall Roxanna Farboud Kelly Gillespie John Kirtland at Eye Ball Jenny Kirtland Paola Pivi Justine Ludwig Peggy Leboeuf Steven Visneau at Eye Ball Federica Fanari Chrestin at Grange Hall Peter Doroshenko at Dallas Contemporary Dallas Contemporary exhibition opening Michelle Moussa Christine Visneau Catherine Rose at Grange Hall Catherine MacMahon Douglas MacMahon at FIG Dustin Orlando at FIG Adrian Cope at FIG David Bonnette at FIG Barry Whistler at FIG Jhonatan Arreola at FIG Jeremy Epstein at FIG Nancy Dedman at FIG Michael Tregoning at FIG Jim Gold at FIG Beth Gold Betsy Eiseman Richard Eiseman Michelle Claassen Zoe Bonnette Allison V. Smith Christen Wilson at Dallas Contemporary Nancy Rogers at Grange Hall Nasiba Hartland- Mackie Jennifer Karol Bridget Hall, Branton Ellerbee, Chandra North, Daniel Blaylock at Eye Ball

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