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T hose words, attributed to fashion designer Carolina Herrera, apply perfectly to the members of the Crystal Charity Ball. During an intimate brunch at Neiman Marcus Downtown, the oh- so chic Herrera was revealed as this year's featured designer for the Crystal Charity Ball's annual Ten Best Dressed Women of Dallas Fashion Show and Luncheon. Come Friday, September 16, Herrera will dress the celebrated ladies in her Fall 2016 collection. "Her collection is timeless, beautiful and elegant — just like the Crystal Charity members themselves," said Neiman Marcus executive VP Neva Hall. Then came another big reveal, by way of VP and general manager of Neiman Marcus Downtown Jeff Byron. This year's Ten Best Dressed are: Anita Arnold, Katherine Coker, Janie Condon, Tucker Enthoven, Heather Esping, Mary Clare Finney, Margaret Hancock, Pat Harloe, Julie Hawes, and Piper Wyatt, plus hall of fame honoree Betsy Sowell. Applauding the honorees were fashion show and luncheon chairman Pam Perella, along with ball chairman Christie Carter. BY JANE ROZELLE. PHOTOGRAPHY DANA DRIENSKY. "ELEGANCE ISN'T SOLELY DEFINED BY WHAT YOU WEAR. IT'S HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF, HOW YOU SPEAK, WHAT YOU READ." "LUXURY WILL BE ALWAYS AROUND, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLD." — FEATURED DESIGNER CAROLINA HERRERA, 2016 CRYSTAL CHARITY BALL FASHION SHOW AND LUNCHEON Katherine Coker Mary Clare Finney Margaret Hancock Ball chair Christie Carter Tucker Enthoven Anita Arnold Pat Harloe Betsy Sowell Heather Esping Janie Condon Jim Gold Ola Fojtasek Tiffany Divis Robyn Conlon Claire Emanuelson Angela Nash Jeff Byron Patsy Donosky Luncheon chair Pam Perella Piper Wyatt

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