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JULY/AUGUST DALLAS 2016 Editor in Chief HOLLY MOORE Dallas Editor in Chief CHRISTINA GEYER Executive Editor, Visual Arts / Features CATHERINE D. ANSPON Style Editor at Large FRANCINE BALLARD Home Design Editor REBECCA SHERMAN Features / Digital Editor JAMES BROCK Dallas Social Editor JANE ROZELLE Assistant Editor LINDEN WILSON Photo Editor JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON Copy Director SHARON L. TAYLOR Digital Director CHRIS BALDWIN Assistant Digital Editor JAILYN MARCEL Fashion Credits Editor HANNAH SWIGGARD Editor at Large MAX TROWBRIDGE Contributing Editors: CERON Style MICHAEL DUPREE New York GREG FOURTICQ Design BROOKE HORTENSTINE Style RANDY POWERS Design DIANE DORRANS SAEKS Design Art & Creative Director MICHELLE AVIÑA Senior Graphic Designer GABRIELLE SAULS Production Manager REYNEL MIRANDA Graphic Designers BRADLY BROWN, ROSI RUIZ, CELESTE TAMMARIELLO Marketing Coordinator FARRELL LAWO Photographers SHANA ANDERSON LARA BIERNER JAMES BLAND KRISTINA BOWMAN BRUNO MINDY BYRD JEFFREY A. DAVIS DANA DRIENSKY DANIEL DRIENSKY CASEY DUNN GEORGE FIALA SHAYNA FONTANA STEVE FOXALL THOMAS GARZA SCOTT HAGAR Interns GABRIELLA BRADLEY RACHEL LEFFERTS President JIM KASTLEMAN Publisher MONICA BICKERS Dallas Advertising Sales 214.521.3439, EXT. 387 Associate Publisher, Dallas BRIANA BUXBAUM Account Managers, Dallas ANNETTE LENTZ, SAMANTHA OLGUIN Houston Advertising Sales 713.524.0606, EXT. 231 Houston Associate Publisher MARY HOANG-DO Account Managers, Houston AMANDA GRIFFIN, KARA SMITH, AMY STEPHENS Dallas Circulation WILL LOGG Human Resources / Accounting Manager MICHELLE REID Finance Manager / Business Support JAMES WORK One copy of PaperCity is available free of charge each month per reader. Additional copies may be purchased for $3/each. No person may take more than one copy of each month's PaperCity. DIGITAL PRE-MEDIA BY FLYING PIXEL COLOR, HOUSTON PaperCity is published monthly by Urban Publishers, Inc. Corporate offices are located at 3411 Richmond, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77046, 713.524.0606, FAX 713.524.0680 Copyright © 2016 by Urban Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved without prior written permission of Urban Publishers, Inc. Urban Publishers, Inc. is not responsible for any unsolicited materials submitted. Mail service of PaperCity may be purchased for $36/city for one year. Mail check to: PaperCity, 3411 Richmond, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77046. TO CONTACT OUR STAFF VISIT PAPERCITYMAG.COM FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF EMAIL ADDRESSES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS Editorial e-mail: Advertising e-mail: Urban Publishers, Inc. 3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 340 Dallas, TX 75219 214.521.3439 Fax 214.521.3178 HAYNSWORTH PHOTOGRAPHY MEI-CHUN JAU BO JOPLIN RHI LEE MARK ANTHONY NELSON JESSICA POWERS CARTER ROSE ALICIA STEPP KEVIN TACHMAN RACHAEL WISE STEVE WRUBEL JOY ZHANG JONATHAN ZIZZO KARLIE MORRIS B R A C E L E T M A T T H E W T R E N T D R E S S A N D S H O E S T O O T S I E S P H O T O G R A P H Y C I N D Y J A M E S P R E S T O N R O A D A T N O R T H W E S T H I G H W A Y D R E S S I N G D A L L A S A N T È K S C U R A T E D A P P L E S T O Z I N N I A S B A C H E N D O R F ' S B A G ' N B A G G A G E B E N E F I T C O S M E T I C S B E T T Y R E I T E R T H E B I Z C A L Y P S O S T . B A R T H C A R L A M A R T I N E N G O B O U T I Q U E C A S T L E G A P J E W E L R Y C O R N E R B A K E R Y C A F É D O U B L E R H A N N A I S U L H I L L S T O N E J . M C L A U G H L I N J O S . A . B A N K K E N D R A S C O T T K I D B I Z L U C K Y D O G B A R K E R Y L U C Y M A L M A L O U F M A T T H E W T R E N T M E L C R E W S N E W B A L A N C E D F W O C C H I A L I M O D E R N O P T I C S O R V I S P A R K P L A Z A S A L O N P I C K L E S & I C E C R E A M P O C K E T S M E N S W E A R R + D K I T C H E N R I F F R A F F S P R I N K L E S C U P C A K E S S P R I N K L E S I C E C R E A M S W O O Z I E ' S T A C O D I N E R T O M T H U M B T O O T S I E S T R U E F O O D K I T C H E N Y L A N G 2 3

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