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2010 >> "You could take an elegant tea in the dining room, then slide into that peacock-blue library for some Scotches and bawdy talk." And with one pull-quote, the tony house of Niven Morgan and Shelby Wagner is perfectly summed up. >> Recession hits. Vogue empress 001dstd0110_631876.pgs 12.18.2009 11:29 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 001hstd0810_652121.pgs 07.20.2010 11:47 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN Anna Wintour declares September 10 national Fashion's Night Out to prompt fall shopping. Every single store in town hosts a party. >> The late photographer Larry Travis (gone but not forgotten) photographs our September 2010 cover in Dallas — complete with yarn-bombed taxidermy art works, naturally. >> Is that Steve Wrubel or Santa Claus at Forty Five Ten? You decide. 001dstd1209_628658.pgs 11.19.2009 17:37 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN STYLE | FASHION | SOCIAL DALLAS AUGUST 2007 Three Great Minds In Our Midst P H O T O G R A P H Y G R A Y S C O T T . A R T D I R E C T I O N A N D S T Y L I N G , F A S H I O N E D I T O R K A T E A L L E N . M O D E L A M Y F I N L A Y S O N F O R N E X T M A N A G E M E N T . V A L E N T I N O O R G A N Z A G O W N W I T H T U L L E A N D L A C E H E M $ 9 , 8 0 0 , A T C A R L A M A R T I N E N G O , N E I M A N M A R C U S , N O R D S T R O M , S A K S F I F T H A V E N U E , S T A N L E Y K O R S H A K , T H E V A L E N T I N O B O U T I Q U E ( O P E N I N G I N S E P T E M B E R ) . M A K E U P C L A R E R E A D F O R B . I . G N Y C , I N C . H A I R W E S L E Y O ' M E A R A U S I N G D A V I N E S . P H O T O A S S I S T A N T J O E P O L I F R O N E . F A S H I O N A S S I S T A N T J A C L Y N S A X E . Cheryl & Sam Wyly Intelligence Quotient: IT'S HOT OUTSIDE: STAY INSIDE AND BABY GET SMART The Smartest Gadgets and Accessories JohnMariani: Three Perfect Meals INSIDE THE HEADS OF L I G H T E R FA R E H O T N E W SHOPS SIZZLIN' PARTIES! P L U S >> April Fool's! Mohamed Al Fayed brings Harrods to Dallas with a five-story wonder, built completely underground and connected by tunnels beneath Cedar Springs and Pearl Street. Patrons enter by way of an English (above-ground) garden and through a British-style red-telly booth turned elevator. Fact or fiction? "We literally had people calling saying they were at the corner of Cedar Springs and Pearl and couldn't find the red telephone booth!" recalls Brooke Hortenstine, the mastermind behind the recurring series of April Fool's spoofs PaperCity plays on its dear readers for the next several years. >> Highland Park Village turns 75 with help from the city's top brass. (Nancy Dedman, Trammell S. Crow, Diane and Hal Brierley, et al.) This fall, a much-upgraded HP Village will celebrate its 85th. >> Re-Entrée — the magazine's definitive list of cultural musts for the fall season — entails seeing the fashionable flick Marie Antoinette, shopping at the recently opened Barneys New York at NorthPark Center (we still miss having a Barneys in town) and taking a jaunt to NYC to stay at the reinvented Gramercy Park Hotel. >> No one throws a Neiman Marcus party quite like dapper NM fashion exec Ken Downing. For the arrival of Stella McCartney, he rounds up quite the roster of entertainers: the David W. Carter High School Cowboys marching band and dance team, which cheers for Stella — "Stella McCartney, she's just begun! Not four, not three, not two, but one! Let's go Stel-la, let's go!" — and hunky Kim Dawson Models scantily clad in leopard briefs and cowboy hats gyrate in a rubber-duckie pond. >> Black vodka martinis. Two black hens on loan from the fowl- obsessed stylist Jimmie Henslee. How else would Jeffrey Lee, Rajan Patel and PaperCity toast our beloved Douglas Little at Grange Hall. >> Sharon Young re-invents the Dallas Museum of Art's Beaux Arts Ball — calling it simply The Art Ball. >> Mike Thompson goes punk-wild at Neiman Marcus NorthPark for Alice Temperley: DJ Sista Whitenoise blasts the Sex Pistols; waiters dress in morning-after makeup, waxed mohawks and vintage concert tees; actresses Ada Lynn and Barbara Kain play upstairs English maids, vacuuming the shag-carpet runway with Union Jack emblazoned vacuums. >> Harvey Weinstein comes to town, famously party-chatting with then NM prez Burt Tansky. Why Weinstein? To be by the side of his now-wife, Georgina Chapman, who came to Dallas with fellow Marchesa designer Keren Craig at a party hosted by PaperCity and Neiman Marcus. >> "How do you call this a home? It's 37,000 square feet and only one bedroom. I was trying to explain to Barry Manilow that this was, indeed, a house." So says Kenneth Cole of the Rachofsky House during the TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art Gala. >> PaperCity teams with the Nasher Sculpture Center and Bailey Banks & Biddle for a very special December 31, 2006. There will never be another New Year's Eve party quite like this. The darling Doss Alexander (who now resides in New York) is overheard saying: "It's official: This will go down as one of the parties to come each year." >> We orchestrate a private dinner party at Tillman's, complete with Frito pie, the coolest guest list (Billy Fong, Jody Hagan, the restaurant's then owner Todd Fiscus, Ashley Tatum, et al.) and notebooks in hand to document all that dinner-party chatter. >> Neiman Marcus turns 100 — with a little help from us. We even arrange a full cast for the surely to-be- produced Neiman Marcus: The Movie. >> Giorgio Armani comes to The Crystal Charity Ball Ten Best Dressed Women of Dallas Fashion Show and Luncheon. Surprise! Ylang proprietress Joanne Teichman chimes in, penning a witty column about the Patron Party. >> His Royal Highness Prince Edward (HRH Queen Elizabeth's youngest son) comes to lunch at Saks Fifth Avenue; Brooke Hortenstine joins for dinner at Joyce and Larry Lacerte's English-style Estate. >> Get smart: Our August 2007 issue cover, the annual Smart Issue, is certainly wiser than its years. >> Supermodel Erin Wasson opens and closes the grand finale show for NorthPark Center's first-ever Fashion at the Park. The megawatt Marchesa extravaganza is just one of many runway romps, all produced by the extraordinary queen of the catwalk, Jan Strimple. >> We feature the modernist house of art collectors Lisa and John Runyon, below, including a glimpse into their stylish master bedroom. Who knew that three years later, W magazine would feature the couple photographed in that very space for a feature on the attention-grabbing Dallas art scene. >> Hold onto your highballs: We go inside the Kessler Park house of Ken Downing and Sam Saladino. >> PaperCity's first book, Domestic Art: Curated Interiors (Assouline), co- edited by Holly Moore, Rob Brinkley and Laurann Claridge, hits stands October 5. Debuts with a party at Neiman Marcus Downtown and a bash at The Carlyle Hotel in NYC. >> PaperCity turns 10 and celebrates with a big bash at Forty Five Ten. >> "In the Happy Tent, we hear Fiscus' voice, and just like a Broadway director … he was miked up and making sure all the drag queens and cage dancers knew their cues … Hellooo, Lucy Wrubel, channeling her best Harajuku girl and wearing a bird's next in her mane." Such is the report from Todd Fiscus' Chinese-chic Be Happy party. Case in point: Some things never change. P.S.: RuPaul performed. >> Barneys New York use PaperCity magazines for its window displays. Rodarte darlings Kate and Laura Muleavy party with us in store. >> Hamish Bowles. Tory Burch. Hip-hop star Eve. Billy Reid. Isabel Toledo. Julie Gilhart. Anne Vincent. Mischa Barton. Naeem Khan. All come to town for another iteration of NorthPark's Fashion at the Park. "I am sweatin' and they are partyin'!" says Eve at the gala for Tory Burch. (For the record: We are still partyin'.) >> We get up close and personal with legendary society decorator Joseph Minton; we have yet to find a more interesting photo archive to raid. >> Lady Gaga — before the hermetically sealed egg, before the Super Bowl, before all those Grammys — performs after the Miss Sixty fashion show at NorthPark Center during Fashion at the Park. "A runway is the perfect stage for me. I felt at home up there!" she says. >> Stiletto Strut debuts and becomes the most anticipated spring party. Who knew society ladies would love strutting around the block of Neiman Marcus downtown in their Jimmy Choos, Manolos and Louboutins. >> Martin Scorsese. The Jonas Brothers. Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. Tim Headington opens The Joule hotel with a bang. (He's still stunning us today.) >> Dallas Art Fair: Year One. >> On the eve of chairing the opening of the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Jeanne Marie Clossey confesses: She has a bit of a crush on Jon Hamm. (So do we, Jeanne, so do we.) 2006 2007 2008 2009 Mikyung Chun Stephen Wiggins A nglophiles and true-blue Brits alike kept pinch- ing themselves on the bum as they poured into the new Harrods in Dallas for the posh premiere of the English retailer's first American outpost. Staggeringly, news of the elaborate store had remained hush-hush, known for months only by the team who brokered the deal, as well as the British contractors commis- sioned by Harrods famed owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who insisted they build the five-level wonder — which has taken nearly 26 months to complete — below ground level in a maze of connecting tunnels at the corner of Cedar Springs and Pearl Street. The famous Knightsbridge flagship, often referred to as the most luxurious department store in the world, served as inspiration, albeit loosely, for the 155,000-square- foot space, its original art nou- veau stylings reinterpreted for the 21st century by British mini- malist architect John Pawson. Arriving by black London taxis, stealthily flown over in the cargo holds of chartered British Airways 747s, guests were instructed to enter the novel subterranean outpost through a lavish English garden planted at ground level, its boxwood hedges manicured into an intricate maze. It was so well-crafted, it turns out, that those attempting to navigate it without the engraved invita- tion's printed map dead-ended straight into a red telly booth. Once the entrance was ascer- tained, an escalator took guests down into the lavish depths. The 200 exultant ones who received the traditional Harrods green-and-gold engraved invites (each hand-delivered by liveried messenger) included Lana and Barry Andrews, Laurie-Jo Straty, Debbie and John Tolleson, Ray Nasher, Joanne Stroud, Angus Wynne, Brandt Wood, Kelli and Gerald Ford, Sara and David Martineau, Roxanne Phillips, Sue and Jimmy Gragg, Leisa Street, Gina and Ken Betts, Jimmy and Carl Westcott, Gigi Potter, Karen and Alan Katz, Lydia and Dan Novakov, Peggy Sewell, Debbie and Nickey Oates, Mary Noel Lamont, Tiffany and Mike Mullen, Suzanne and David Droese, Su-Su and Jerry Meyer, Natalie and Wilson Chu, Brian Bolke, Shelly Musselman, Heidi and Bill Dillon, Boone Pickens, and Patty Dietz. On the British side of the pond, Harrods hand-delivered the stiffies to royals Prince Charles and the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson; British rock royalty Mick Jagger and daughter Jade Jagger, whose jewelry designs for Garrard are carried on the fourth level; and Stella McCartney, who has her own boutique in the designer salon on three. In addition, Elizabeth Hurley, artist Damien Hirst, model Kate Moss and actors Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant were all flown in on green- and-gold Harrods Gulfstreams, all hosted by Al Fayed, who beamed proudly as he ushered invitees down the iconic Egyptian escalators just like those in his London mecca. As Coldplay sang in the Union Jack Couture Salon, Mick and Ken Downing compared waist sizes, while Patrick Colombo perused the famed Food Halls —Colombo's Fish & Chip Shack on the horizon? Hugh Grant eyed Erin Hill and Rachael Dedman (from afar, good boy), Patrick O'Hara did his best with the Duchess of York's unruly hair, Kate Moss and Charlie Wyly caught up on fashion gossip, Nicole Kidman and Robbie Briggs canoodled about Australian real estate, while Kenny Goss and Damien Hirst discussed the merits of formaldehyde as an art form. About the only top Brit missing was Queenie herself, who'd slipped on some spilled Pimm's back at Buckingham and couldn't make the crossing. As Elton John had the crowd swooning, Harrods executive chef Glenn Ballis and chef Dean Fearing, with an entire fifth floor filled with delicacies to choose from, arranged for the lavish six-course meal to culminate with Ladurée macaroons and Krispy Kreme doughnuts, both of which have outposts in the London Harrods store. Guests swooned over every bite, especially the crow served under glass as the main course. Never eaten crow? Try a slice now: April Fool's! It never happened. Probably never will. Except for that Queenie- slipping- on-the- Pimm's part. It was bloody well the best-kept secret in town. Harrods Crosses the Pond for the Lavish Dallas Store Launch and a Veddy Good Bash Jade Jagger, Piper Wyatt Hugh Grant Madonna, Wilson Chu Kate Moss Rex Cumming, Elizabeth Hurley John Reoch, Will Smith Kate Hudson, Kathryn Anderson Trisha & Bobby Boulogne Stella McCartney Nicole Kidman Crow under glass BY L A U R A N N C L A R I D G E A N D B R O O K E H O R T E N S T I N E . P H O T O G R A P H Y K R I S T I N A B O W M A N . Daniele Berland Lorin Berland Tony Atkiss Jeanne Marie Clossey Gwyneth Paltrow Joe Pacetti Angelina Jolie Jonas & Nicole Woods Jackie Melby, Snoop Dog Julie Butler, Prince Charles Beyoncé, Nancy Dedman Mersina Stubbs, Nicole Richie Lynn McBee A P R I L | P A G E 2 6 | 2 0 0 6 Dean & Jo Guerin Angie Barrett "THE GRACIOUS PAT PATTERSON ASKED ME TO COVER A 'LITTLE BOOK SIGNING' SHE WAS HOSTING FOR HER FRIEND, PHOTOGRAPHER LAURA WILSON, AT HER 3525 PENTHOUSE, THE FORMER HOME OF GREER GARSON. THE BOOK WAS WILSON'S AVEDON AT WORK, DOCUMENTING A SIX-YEAR SPAN OF RICHARD AVEDON PHOTOGRAPHING HIS 'IN THE AMERICAN WEST' SERIES. WILSON AND AVEDON WERE BOTH PRESENT AT THIS 'LITTLE BOOK SIGNING,' AND I WAS ONLY ARMED WITH MY AUTOMATIC ELPH — THE KIA OF CAMERAS. AS I SNAPPED AWAY, WILSON AND AVEDON LAUGHED AND LOVINGLY PLACED THEIR ARMS AROUND ONE ANOTHER FOR A BRIEF YET MAGICAL MOMENT. THE COPY SIGNED BY BOTH ARTISTS REMAINS ONE OF MY MOST PRIZED POSSESSIONS. — Brooke Hortenstine Brian Bolke, Steve Wrubel, Faisal Halum

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