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001dstd1112_701105.pgs 10.23.2012 15:59 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 2012 2014 2016 2011 2013 2015 >> Years after closing her famously fab HaRoo & HaRoo, design dynamo Mikyung Chun returns — this time with a showroom dubbed Minolochi, filled with Promemoria furniture. >> We toast Stanley Korshak's 25th anniversary with a bevy of memories. Lynn McBee recalls her days partying at the store as a provisional member of junior league; Charlotte Jones Anderson fondly remembers the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders calendar unveiling, there; and DJ Lucy Wrubel looks back to when she wore an Italian mayor's sash and spun music for the inimitable Italian Party. >> Chandra North returns to modeling — hotter than ever. >> The Super Bowl does Dallas. We greet the celebs, athletes and out-of-towners with an ice storm of epic proportions — subzero temps and un-drivable roads included. Despite all other airport closures, Love Field keeps a single runway de-iced to accommodate the immense influx of private jets. Nonetheless, the party people cannot be stopped. Highlight of the week of parties: Nelly's performance at the Bud Light Hotel; Prince (RIP) performing to benefit the Goss-Michael Foundation; and Hilary Swank wearing a Don't Mess With Texas tee (thanks to lost luggage) to a party at the home of Phil Romano. Here's hoping Houston has better temps when it hosts the 2017 Super Bowl. >> Charlotte Jones Anderson strikes a model pose for photographer Maxine Helfman for an exclusive photoshoot for PaperCity's Super Bowl special section. >> Shelly Musselman. Gone too soon — but never forgotten. >> L'enfant terrible comes to town! Dallas goes crazy for Jean Paul Gaultier and his megawatt exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art. (Our own Brooke Hortenstine even helped wrangle him a pair of custom M.L. Leddy's boots — one boasted an oil rig, the other an Eiffel Tower.) We've never seen more sailor stripes in our life! >> Museum Tower goes up — controversy to follow. >> A Hunt gets hitched to a model. We get in bed with Toni Munoz and Daniel Hunt. >> Jacqueline Anderson (bombshell wife of former DMA director Maxwell Anderson) wows us all in a … memorable latex dress. >> Karl Lagerfeld comes to Dallas for the Chanel Paris- Dallas Métiers d'Art Collection. The result? Ice. Kristen Stewart. Choupette. Anna. Andre. Will anything this good ever happen again? TBD. >> Versace gets wild with Goss-Michael Foundation for one of the most memorable fall parties. >> Models Erin Wasson and Chandra North hang with fashion photographer Mario Testino at his exhibition opening at the Dallas Contemporary. >> We host Moda Operandi co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo for a trunk show and lunch hosted by Nasiba Hartland- Mackie and Georgina Hartland at The Joule, with British designer Emilia Wickstead and British footwear designer Paul Andrew. >> Richard Phillips, Jerry Hall and Gabriel Jagger jet in from MTV Re:Define. >> Assistant editor Linden Wilson interviews firecracker Louise Eiseman in celebration of Eiseman Jewels' 50th birthday. >> We gab about Goop with Gwyneth Paltrow when she pops up a shop in Highland Park Village. >> Gonzalo Bueno and Michael McCray have a baby — bring her up with lots of Hermès. >> Jeremy Scott and Tim Gunn come to town. All in a week's work. >> Cuba heats up: Francis Harrison takes us there. >> PaperCity brandishes the last broadsheet iteration in July/August. 001dstd0511_675851.pgs 04.21.2011 20:22 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN STYLE | FASHION | SOCIAL S E L F P O RT R A I T BY K A R L L AG E R F E L D . PA P E R C I T Y M A G . C O M MENAGERIE PAPERCITY GIFT GUIDE 165 TEMPTATIONS EXPLOSIVE GEORGE SELLERS' GRYPHON& GROTESQUERIE [INSIDE A] TEXTILE DESIGNER PERFORMANCE IN DALLAS KARL LAGERFELD'S ON A ROLL DALLAS DECEMBER 2013 CHANEL MÉTIERS D'ART FINE MIND LISA FINE 001dstd1213.indd 1 11/21/13 10:29 AM Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black PHOTO MAXINE HELFMAN LOGO MATTHEW NELSON ILLUSTRATION ANNALEE LANIER 033_039dstd1213.indd 33 11/21/13 9:33 AM Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black I n keeping with the cinematic quality of the two days, Chanel's Dallas arrival was a double feature. Firstly, the house's 2014 Métiers d'Art runway show, the 11th to date, is a showcase for the workmanship of the 11 artisanal companies owned and nurtured through Chanel subsidiary Paraffection — lauded workrooms such as Lesage and Lemarié. Second, it was an opportunity for Neiman Marcus to celebrate Chanel's storied and vital relationship with the Dallas-based retailer, which hearkens back to 1954, when Stanley Marcus was one of the sole supporters that relaunched Coco's namesake fashion house after WWII. In the ensuing years, Chanel's work would prove so remarkable — and popular — that in 1957, Marcus invited Mademoiselle Chanel herself to Dallas, to honor her with the award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion. In commemoration, Anna Wintour presented Karl Lagerfeld with the same award the day following the Métiers show, at Neiman Marcus Downtown Dallas, proving that while times may change, Chanel remains irresistible. In preparation for the festivities, the PaperCity équipe convened in our hotel's bar. After all, we fi gured, the only thing colder than the freezing temperatures (which Dallas was at that moment experiencing) are the stares of the fashion-world elite; we hoped a glass or two might reinforce us. Deux champagne coupes later, we hit the road, care of technological dear heart Uber. Music duties fell to me, so I selected Paris-based techno duo SomethingALaMode's RondoParisian, featuring Monsieur Lagerfeld himself, on repeat. At Fair Park, we were astonished to encounter a 1950s drive- in. Punctuating the C of frocks and quilted 2.55 bags were gleaming vintage convertibles — 74 in all. Framing this remarkable scene was a neon sign proclaiming "Paris Dallas Drive-In." To the right of the entrance stood the drive-in's marquee, which detailed the 7 pm premiere of The Return — a fi lm written and directed by Lagerfeld that examines Gabrielle Chanel's trying return to fashion. Charming carhops in vintage uniforms proffered ice-cold Coca-Cola in glass bottles, drawn from retro crates. Other libations were served in Styrofoam cups — never could I have imagined such a smart set sipping cherry limeades through straws. Fabulous folks invited from near and far abounded. Marjorie Gubelmann, New York socialite cum sought-after Manhattan DJ (Mad Marj, anyone?), was the fi rst personage I spied. I trotted over to express my borderline obsession with her glamorous life. More sigh-tings abounded, from Vogue European editor-at-large Hamish Bowles (in lilac bow tie and matching silk scarf) to Derek Blasberg (best friend to swans the world over), and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, the incomparable French stylist. Then, suddenly, to my right, was Monsieur Lagerfeld, chatting with a group of of-the-moment close friends. And what does one do when one is a matter of mètres from The Kaiser? Follow him! And so I did, as he led the way to fashion's Holy Grail: Anna Wintour (sporting bob, Chanel sunglasses and a sumptuous fur coat over one of the transcendent Chanel paint-dab frocks shown in Paris just weeks earlier) and André Leon Talley (in a resplendent gold-lamé caftan, with tuxedo shirt and luscious black bow tie peeping out at the throat and side slits revealing a billowing black trouser, which met a tuxedo slipper — custom-made, I imagine, by his dear friend Manolo Blahnik). They spoke for a few moments before moseying over to a vintage '50s noir Cadillac convertible. André sat shotgun, while Anna and Karl opted for the back seat. A masterful photo op? Perhaps. Soon André grew tired of it all, pulled out his iPhone and began tapping away, possibly reporting back to friends Lee Radziwill or Jennifer Hudson. Anna and Karl engaged in an amusing chat and gave the photographers exactly what they wanted. The lights dimmed. Darling Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of the singular Charlie, was superb as Coco Chanel. The entire affair made me pine for my own rue Cambon salon, with chocolate suede sofa and matching quilted pillows, where I could host dinner parties for beyond-chic editors and luminaries such as Bettina Ballard (played here by Lady Amanda Harlech). As the 25-minute fi lm ended, the lights came up, and en masse we made our way across the Esplanade Fountain to the building née Texas-sized barn where the défi lé was staged. The bridge was lit on either side by a dizzying number of tea lights. And should any lady or gent need assistance up the steps into the barn, brawny boys in chambray shirts, jeans and black felt cowboy hats waited to assist. (Whether in need or not, one jumped at the opportunity, I assure you.) Once inside, I found myself rubbing elbows with W magazine editor in chief Stefano Tonchi, who hurried up the stairs with a Marlboro Light dangling from his lips. As I ascended, the spectacular scheme SETH VAUGHAN DONS HIS LUCCHESES AND DOES A PARISIAN PIROUETTE. PHOTOGRAPHY OLIVIER SAILLANT, ANNE COMBAZ. Chanel's Texas Tour de Force Monsieur Lagerfeld and Chanel Métiers d'Art in a Nonstop Night of Fashion and Frolic FEBRUARY | PAGE 10 | 2014 I'D BE LYING IF I SAID I WISH YOU'D BEEN THERE … BECAUSE IN ALL SINCERITY, I DON'T. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN ALTERING A SINGLE ASPECT OF THAT UNERRING, PERFECT NIGHT WHEN KARL AND CHANEL CAME TO DALLAS — OR, SHOULD I SAY, TOOK OVER DALLAS. #ParisDallas #ItsDallasBaby #ChanelDallas PIROUETTE. PHO I I AS P K C T Miroslava Duma Jessica Joffe Nasiba Adilova Zoë Kravitz Geraldine Chaplin Lauren Hutton Becca Cason Thrash Karl Lagerfeld Linda Gray Lynn Wyatt China Chow Supermodel stampede Karl Lagerfeld's walk of fame Alexa Chung Anna Mouglalis Lily Collins Kristen Stewart Jamie Bochert Laura Love Atlanta de Cadenet Dakota Fanning Giovanna Battaglia Poppy Delevingne 010_011dstd0214.indd 10 1/22/14 12:48 PM Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black >> Inaugural PaperCity Dallas Design Awards with Dunhill Partners. Records are broken with 262 entries. Bill Hutchinson (ever the entertainer) emcees the event, announcing Virgin will soon break ground on a hotel in the Dallas Design District. >> We chat up Prabal Gurung in light of his appearance at the FGI Dallas Night of Stars event, talk books with Cindy Crawford at Forty Five Ten and get up close and personal with Iris Apfel at the Mansion. >> NorthPark turns 50. We celebrate allllllllll year long. >> Team PC dances with the masses at AT&T Stadium for the United Way 90th anniversary concert. >> Leon Bridges performs outside Tony Tasset's Eye sculpture. FEBRUARY | PAGE 20 | 2015 PHOTOGRAPHY MINDY BYRD FOR THE PHOTO DIVISION. ART DIRECTOR MICHELLE AVIÑA. STYLE EDITOR FRANCINE BALLARD. MODEL VALEN CUSTER FOR PAGE PARKES, HOUSTON. HAIR CABE NOWLEN FOR CRAFT SALON AND STYLE BAR, HOUSTON. MAKEUP TONYA RINER. ASSISTANT STYLE EDITOR MOLLY JODEIT. PHOTOGRAPHED AT THE MILES REDD-DESIGNED HOME OF GERVAISE AND GARY PETERSEN. RICH oh,to bE... 020_023dstd0215.indd 20 1/21/15 9:50 AM Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black PHOTOGRAPH: KAREN KNORR'S A PLACE LIKE AMRAVATI 2, UDAIPUR CITY PALACE, UDAIPUR, FROM THE "INDIA SONG" SERIES, 2008–2014 DALLAS JANUARY 2016 ST YLE | FASHION | SOCIAL DESIGN: Designers' FAVORITE BOOKS DECORATION: REVELRY: HAAS George T.M. Shackelford ART: MAKES QUITE THE IMPRESSION BROTHERS WITH DUNHILL PARTNERS … THE WINNERS PAPERCITY DALLAS DESIGN AWARDS 201 6 HOME+ART ISSUE DREAMY 001dstd0116.indd 1 12/18/15 1:15 PM Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black FALL 2015 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: MODERN MASTER BATHROOM BY LINDA FRITSCHY INTERIOR DESIGN; CCR1 RESIDENCE BY WERNERFIELD ARCHITECTS; BILLIARD ROOM BY DONIPHAN MOORE INTERIORS; RESTORATION/PRESERVATION OF A HOWARD MEYER MID-CENTURY HOME BY JOANIE WYLL & ASSOCIATES; OFFICES AT HIGHLAND PARK VILLAGE BY EMILY SUMMERS DESIGN ASSOCIATES; THE GREAT ROOM OUTDOORS BY KIRSTEN KELLI. 017_025dstd0116.indd 17 12/18/15 8:34 AM Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black "TWO MONTHS AFTER I STARTED AT PAPERCITY, KARL LAGERFELD AND THE CHANEL TEAM ROLLED INTO TOWN FOR THE PARIS-DALLAS CHANEL MÉTIERS D'ART SHOW IN DECEMBER '13, DURING ICEMAGEDDON. I ATTENDED THE RODEO-INSPIRED EVENT AT FAIR PARK WITH HOLLY MOORE AND THE PC TEAM FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE ALONG WITH A STAR-STUDDED POSSE. OF COURSE, MY FAVORITE SIGHTING WAS KARL AND ANNA WINTOUR SITTING SIDE-BY-SIDE IN A VINTAGE AUTOMOBILE DURING THE DRIVE- IN MOVIE FOR THE RETURN." — Maxine Trowbridge "THE ADIRONDACK CHIC PARTY AT NEIMAN MARCUS NORTHPARK TO CELEBRATE OUR SEPTEMBER COVER THAT WAS SHOT IN UPSTATE NEW YORK — ONE OF MANY GREAT KEN DOWNING, MIKE THOMPSON CREATIONS. MEN SERVED DRINKS WEARING SLEEVELESS PLAID SHIRTS AND COONSKIN HATS. LEGGY MODELS WERE STRETCHED OUT ON COTS ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS OVER A GAS GRILL FOR S'MORES, WEARING CHANEL." — Margaret Stafford 017dstd0211_669039.pgs 01.21.2011 21:38 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN Jean Paul Gaultier, Deedie Rose

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