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14 letter editor HUNT SLONEM A Controlled Substance. As I write this, Gloria Vanderbilt has died the day before. Marella Agnelli and Lee Radziwill, a few months ago. What was it about these women whom Truman Capote called swans. Each was mythic, beautiful in an unconventional way. None were Hollywood stars, singers, or media influencers. We really knew little about their lives, aside from what they wanted us to know. We saw them only when they wanted to be seen, when they had prepared and were coiffed and buffed. We rarely saw photographs of children or hidden-away relatives, e.g. Meghan Markle. I never saw Gloria or Marella in carpool line, on the beach in an ill-fitting swimsuit, or at Costco. It was a controlled life. Is there something wrong with that? And who are our mythical women today. Our beauties. Our icons. I can't think of many whose icon-ishness hasn't been dashed by photos that we can't unsee. Endless Summer. I'm not sure I've looked forward to or enjoyed summer since I was in school, when there was a sharp demarcation between in-school months and three glorious months of freedom. There was a change of pace when summer began. Days were different. Once you begin working, summer is about the weather. It's hot. At PaperCity, July/ August is our only combined issue, and we have summer Fridays when the workday ends at 1 pm. It's our way of turning back the clock a bit, to bring back the euphoric feeling of life on a precipice, when change shines bright and possibilities are endless. To Read. In this issue, we look at homegrown beauties — women who have launched beauty, fragrance, and skincare companies that use natural, clean, plant-based ingredients. Many of these brands were conceived as a way to find relief from skin problems, allergies, and autoimmune issues brought on or exacerbated by toxic products. Who knew Houston was a haven for these beauty-brand startups. In the design section of the issue, we look at three architects changing the way we see and interact with retail, restaurants, hotels, and our sense of community: Michael Hsu, who has 20 projects working in Houston, and Hilary and Steve Ybarra, who moved to Houston after meeting at Yale School of Architecture. Also with a sense of community, this young couple is developing city lots with small projects designed to engage and interact with the neighborhood. Holly Moore Editor in Chief

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