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26 THE LAND OF CARATS CANDY SHELBY HODGE'S SWEET TOOTH AT WORK. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON. T he vaunted house of Harry Winston is segueing from its diamond-centric domain to a cosmos laced with colorful gemstones — and the result could not be sweeter than the Winston Candy collection. These one-of-a-kind cocktail rings were inspired by founder Harry Winston's in- fatuation with stones that resembled brilliantly hued candies. Transforming Winston's archival sketches of the elaborate designs, dating from the 1950s and '60s, into reality was a three-year task that encompassed creating a 21st-century interpretation and searching for the perfect stones. Paraíba tourmalines from Brazil and mandarin garnets, rare spinels and pink sapphires were gathered from around the globe to create 26 dazzling rings. By the time the collection reached Houston and Harry Winston partnered with PaperCity to introduce the wearable eye candy, all but a dozen of the rings had sold. Nevertheless, an intimate clutch of clients and friends were welcomed by Winston's Houston director Petra Martinez, as all perused the vitrine where the confections were spotlighted. Candy-inspired pop art figured on salon walls, while waitstaff from A Fare Extraordinaire donned candy-colored bow ties to pass trays of pink sapphire champagne. Who: Diane Lokey Farb, Susanne Byram, DeeAnn and Marcus Thigpen, Ceron, Monica Bickers, Meredith Chastang, Alana Smith, Neekie Kashani, Gigi Huang, Tarek El-Bjeirmi, Kara Smith, Dr. Jennifer Segal, Shafik Rifaat, Maya Pomroy, Rachel Boyd, Allison Smith, and John Seip. See more Shelby Hodge at and HARRY WINSTON'S SUMMER CONFECTIONS Winston Candy pink sapphire ring with rubies and diamonds Eye candy, real candy, and Harry Winston's Candy Collection of cocktail rings Aurora Losada, Rachel Boyd Ceron, Tarek El-Bjeirmi Marcus & DeeAnn Thigpen Dr. Jennifer Segal Monica Bickers, Petra Martinez Maya Pomroy, Neekie Kashani Diane Lokey Farb Gigi Huang, John Seip

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