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T oday, movies based on our beloved comic book characters are dominating the box office. With that said, my favorite comic book character growing up was Popeye. For those of you unfamiliar with Popeye, the Sailor Man, whenever he faced a great challenge (usually involving saving his beloved Olive Oyl), Popeye would turn to his trusty can of spinach. Spinach gave Popeye strength to overcome any obstacle. When I was a boy, one of my least favorite foods was spinach. I would secretly throw away my spinach when my parents weren't looking. But I can remember like it was yes- terday how my mom reminded me that if spinach was good enough for Popeye to become stronger, it was good enough for me. For decades now, I have enjoyed eating spinach. Today, just as Popeye has his spinach, BIC Media Solutions has its "Media That Matters" to help people find greater faith, strength and perse- verance. Through producing "Media That Matters," I've learned how read- ing books, watching films and TV, being kind toward others and hearing great stories are like spinach for folks who've faced some of life's greatest challenges. Like Danny Trejo says in our "Rock Bottom & Back™" book and film, "If you think restoring an antique car is a great joy, try restoring a life." BIC Media's mission is to help create "more fans for your brand," and we have recently completed several exciting projects we hope will serve you like spinach helps Popeye. We recently released multiple episodes of two "Earl's Pearls" series: "The Power of Networking" and "Champions of Christian Networking." BIC Media has also joined forces with writer Ted Moon to update our first book, "It's What We Do Together That Counts." This revised edition will tell the ongoing story of BIC Alliance and its strategic entities and will continue to draw upon my life and business experiences. The book is expected to be released sometime this year. BIC Media is also in the process of sign- ing an agreement with TV networks that will triple viewership when it comes to our TV shows. In addition, I'm seeking "movers and shakers" along the Gulf Coast to be a part of a new TV series. If you're looking for a great gift to give someone, I hope you will consid- er one of BIC Media's books or films. I believe from the bottom of my heart that if we invest the time to watch or read "Media That Matters" and share our blessings and kindness with oth- ers, we will find the "spinach" to give us greater faith, love, hope, peace and happiness. I also encourage you to remember that "Every Great Story Needs Telling," and BIC Media can help you do it through print, film, TV, video or in person, so give us a call. Your story may even help save or change a life for the better, too. "I'm strong to the finish, cause I eats me spinach! I'm Popeye, the Sailor Man! Toot! Toot!" For more information about BIC Media Solutions, visit, call (281) 538-9996 or email earlheard@ • How sharing our blessings is like spinach for Popeye L O U I S I A N A Sports Legends and Heroes Leaving A Legacy Earl B. Heard Dave Moormann THERE ARE MANY BOOKS out there about famous Louisiana athletes and their accomplishments, but little is said about their contributions beyond the fi eld/court. So many of our state's greatest and lesser known athletes and coaches have used their fame, successes, and faith to make sure those less fortunate get the help they need. Whether it's Warrick Dunn and his "Homes for the Holidays" program or Sid Edwards and his work with autism, these athletes and coaches are perfect examples of using success for good. Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes—Leaving A Legacy shows how these athletes and coaches are creating a positive image of what real heroes are, not only across America but also globally. LOUISIANA Sports Legends and Heroes Leaving A Legacy LOUISIANA SPORTS LEGENDS AND HEROES—LEAVING A LEGACY "THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD CAN VISIT A SICK KID WITH CANCER, WITHOUT PERCEIVED EFFECT. HOWEVER, A VISIT FROM A STAR QUARTERBACK, PITCHER, OR OTHER ATHLETE CAN, AND HAS, COMPLETELY TURNED AROUND A SICK KID." —SKIP BERTMAN "NEVER FORGET WHERE YOU CAME FROM. ATHLETICS IS GREAT, AND IF YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL IN ATHLETICS, THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE, BUT THE BEST YOU CAN DO IS TO ALWAYS GIVE BACK." —DARRYL HAMILTON "WITH GOD'S HELP, I CAN BE A LIGHT IN OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES. IT'S REFRESHING FOR ME TO GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE AND DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. A KIND WORD CAN CHANGE A LIFE." —EDDIE KENNISON A BIC Alliance Company Achievers A collection of inspirational stories from business & industry greats of today & yesterday Earl Heard & Br ady Porche Publishers of It's What We Do Together That Counts & Energy Entrepreneurs Industry "As a former Process Supervisor and Operations Manager I can say that The Journey would have been a great asset for new first line supervisors, as well as second line supervisors and managers. We had little that compared at the time. The story telling style of the book makes for easy reading and quick absorption of the lessons. This would have greatly benefited me as a new Process Supervisor, as well as benefited the numerous new foremen and supervisors that were moved into their positions during my time in the chemical process industry. Thanks Barry for a great job filling this need. " — DAVE MULLEN, SAP PROCESS DESIGN PLANT MAINTENANCE CONSULTANT, PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER (RETIRED) "Barry Hardy has distilled the fundamentals of exceptional supervision to their essence in The Journey. The insight and practical suggestions presented here will benefit supervisors of all backgrounds and experience levels—whether they have two weeks or twenty years on the job. This book is also a must-read for managers, operators and technicians—truly, anyone who wants to reach new levels of professional and personal growth." — EARL HEARD, FOUNDER AND CEO, THE BIC ALLIANCE AND BIC MEDIA SOLUTIONS W r i t t e n b y B a r r y D . H a r d y w i t h Te d M o o n A P R A C T I C A L G U I D E T O B E C O M I N G A N E X C E P T I O N A L S U P E R V I S O R WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME EXCEPTIONAL? In refineries and petrochemical plants, exceptional supervisors manage their processes and people with a continuous commitment to excellence in safety, operations, plant profitability and efficiency. But the journey to becoming truly exceptional doesn't happen overnight. It requires dedication, targeted focus and a willingness to learn from more experienced managers who exemplify exceptional behaviors in their daily work. The Journey – A Practical Guide to Becoming an Exceptional Supervisor presents a number of insightful tips and strategies on exceptional supervision collected by Barry D. Hardy, President and CEO of Training & Development Systems, Inc. (TDS). Barry wrote this book to give new supervisors a head start to becoming exceptional, with practical lessons that can be readily implemented in the plant rather than just collect dust on a bookshelf. Written in a compelling and straightforward manner, The Journey tells the story of an experienced manager who shares his insight with a new shift supervisor through a series of lessons. With each new lesson, the manager takes the supervisor, and you the reader, further down the path to becoming an exceptional shift supervisor. People of all ages and experience levels will learn something along this "journey," and can start cultivating exceptional behaviors that pay rich rewards in the workplace and in other aspects of their lives. B y B a r r y D . H a r d y w i t h Te d M o o n BARRY D. HARDY Barry D. Hardy, President & CEO of Training & Development Systems, Inc. (TDS), has been recognized as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field of training and development on the U.S. Gulf Coast. He has guided diverse teams of petroleum industry companies to decisions on issues such as operational excellence, performance improvement, organizational re-engineering, workforce development and corporate training strategies. Barry launched TDS in 1993 to provide comprehensive workforce development and management solutions to the petroleum industry. In the early days of process technology education, Barry managed the design and development of curriculum for the two-year Applied Associate of Science degree in Process Technology. The program received exemplary status from the Texas Higher Education Board. Barry's vision then, and still today, is to provide training and tools for TDS customers to maximize safety, efficiency and effectiveness. TDS enables companies in achieving Operations Excellence by focusing on workforce development including technical competency management, front line supervisor development, process safety management, asset reliability programs and business process training. Niche Publishing, Custom Books Niche publishing, custom book writing, editing, printing and distribution services to help tell your story. Look no further than BIC Media Solutions. Speakers Bureau Top leadership and inspirational speakers for keynotes, seminars and events. WANT TO CREATE MORE FANS FOR YOUR BRAND? Marketing Management and Sales Consultations Improve and enhance your management, marketing and sales presence through consultation, guidance and training. Film / Video / TV Film production and distribution of faith/ family-friendly films, industry TV shows, TV series, podcasts and corporate sizzle reels. Contact Earl Heard, Mark Peters or Clint Akin at (281) 538-9996. OUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION! By: EARL B. HEARD Founder and CEO BIC Alliance

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