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Seeing {Mr.} Redd Elisabeth McCabe Bill Caudell Elizabeth Young PHOTOGRAPHY FULTON DAVENPORT. I Miles Redd t was a big room of chic architects and decorators when designer Miles Redd came to town at the invitation of ICAA (that would be Institute of Classical Architecture & Art), to speak and sign his big new book, Big Book of Chic. Dapper hosts Curtis & Windham Architects Bill Curtis and Russell Windham cajoled friend and Canopy restaurant owner Claire Smith into closing for the evening for the talk and book signing. The darling Miles and his charming lecture won over the crowd, and lots of back slaps and air kisses ensued. Classicists: Lindsay and Rand Holstead, whose homes in Houston and Lyford Cay were just completed by Mr. Redd; Elizabeth and Gary Petersen, whose Houston home Mr. Redd is presently engaged in decorating; Bill Caudell, Beverly Jacomini, Rachael Miclette, Sandy Parkerson, Cathy Chapman, Courtney Sarofim, Michael Siller, Cliff Helmcamp, Katie Stassi, Katherine Phelps, Cheri Fama, Elisabeth McCabe, Valette Windham, Jane Curtis, Denzil Hollingsworth, Michael Siller, Jane DiPaolo, Karen Schulte, Lucinda Loya, Pat Breen, and Marion Evans. Rachael Miclette Bill Curtis Miles Redd Shelby Steed Valette Windham Ashley Sneed Alason Connell Cheri Fama Andrew Abendshein Katherine Phelps Sandy Parkerson Cathy Chapman Stephen Fox Katie Stassi Art Hearts Science: "Plastic" was a "Fantastic" exhibition. CATHERINE D. ANSPON REPORTS FROM THE LAB. PHOTOGRAPHY SHAU LIN HON. N othing's more intriguing — or topical — than the interplay between art and science, which began during the days of Leonardo, was carried forth with aplomb by Rauschenberg, then landed in the Houston art scene with the recent show at Deborah Colton Gallery entitled "Plastic Fantastic," an engaging group roundup inspired by scientist/plastic pioneer Harry D. Anspon (my dad), curated by yours truly. The madcap yet important survey of contemporary talents working with the polys — polyethylene to polystyrene — included provocateurs Karen Arzamendi, Scott Burns, Billy Zinser, Andrea Morganstern, and the fabled Paul Horn. The latter enacted "Paul-Mart," a curious retail experience stocked with goodies by Bill Davenport, Amerimou$, Jonathan Rosenstein, Solomon Kane and more. Needless to say, the opening night, complete with Zinser's mammoth multi-story Macrodon inflatable, was a blow out. Just ask Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Ken Mazzu, Tatiana and Craig Massey, Rahul Mitra, McKay Otto, Bob Ackerley, and Janice Thomas (acquiring a droll little resin creature by sculptress Morganstern), as well as performing puppeteers Justin Dunford and Camella Clements … Weeks later, Houston Young Professionals Society concocted a launch-party mixer for the gallery's DCG Society, crafting a high-voltage evening that drew more than 300 young and restless to clink cocktails and confront the plastic creations, while raising funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Among the celebrants: organizer Jennifer Nguyen, Frederick Goerges, Andrea Duarte, Jessica Crute, Chelsea Coffey, Tamara Nelson, Christina Gilbreath, and Theresa Escobedo. Ina Honke Paul Horn Karen Arzamendi with her creation Leanne Cecilia Tyler Reichert Amber Livingston Jessica Crute Janice Thomas Billy Zinser's Macrodon towers over all. Taylor Collard Ramona Mehrmann Dr. Harry D. Anspon Barbara Davis McKay Otto Jennifer Nguyen Carmen Sermeno Amerimou$ greets the inventor. Rahul Mitra Kimberly Rivers Seth Vaughan Theresa Escobedo Lesters Marks Fred Goerges APRIL | PAGE 17 | 2013 Catherine Anspon Andrea Duarte Steven Aleman Lauren Yapundich Chelsea Coffey

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