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VISUAL TYPES WITH INSPIRATION BOARDS AND ITS MODERN VERSION — PINTEREST BOARDS — ON HER MIND, JENNY ANTILL ASKED FIVE OF OUR FAVORITE CREATIVES TO SHARE IMAGES THAT CAUGHT THEIR EYE AND, IN THE PROCESS, GOT A GLIMPSE INSIDE THEIR MIND. BEVIN BERING DUBROWSKI LAURA BURLTON Executive director, Houston Center for Photography COURTESY THE ARTIST Bevin Bering Dubrowski Photographers inspire. It takes a lot of guts to take a great photograph. Brad Temkin's work is up at HCP right now, and I have admired it for years. I curated an exhibition of Julie Blakmon's work last FotoFest and find her and her work very inspiring. Nancy Newberry is working on a wonderful new body of work called "Halfway to Midland" that is inspiring on several levels. And Renate Aller's "Oceanscapes" inspire an array of emotions and a desire to sail forward. 
I find curators inspiring as well — the work that Anne Tucker does continually inspires me. She is a truly amazing person. I love hearing her describe a photograph. a. Brad Temkin's SoHo (looking Southwest) — New York NY, October 2009, from the series "Rooftop" b. Julie Blackmon's Patio, 2010 COURTESY THE ARTIST COURTESY THE ARTIST AND CATHERINE COUTURIER GALLERY Of course, my family is inspiring to me. My grandfather opened Bering's Hardware in 1941, and I still wear one of his old cuff links as a necklace — it reminds me to keep working hard and to think creatively about a situation at hand. I have an incredible mom and dad and sister as well. And my Nana … Ah, she had a gypsy spirit that still inspires me. c. Renate Aller's Oceanscape: November 2008 (#1819), from the series "Oceanscape" d. Nancy Newberry artwork, from the series "Halfway To Midland" 5. My parents, Norman and Kelly, at the beach in 1974. They have a great romance — they laugh a lot and have a lot of fun together. And they still love each other madly, after nearly 40 years of marriage. Now, that is inspiring! 6. "MY FAVORITE THING IS TO GO WHERE I'VE NEVER BEEN." 2. My great-grandfather's watch fob that my husband — DIANE ARBUS had copied for me. I'm inspired by vintage and classic style, and my great-grandfather was quite the dresser. 3. I reread Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow 7. Right now, my most important new place is our family's new home. It has a turquoise door, and I think it will inspire a laid-back spirit inside. At least I hope it will! Lindbergh every year or so and always find it inspiring. It reminds me of the importance of being alone and taking time to disconnect. 4. My husband and I just bought a little house on Branard that has two great magnolia trees in front. It's always been one of my favorite trees and favorite scents.  BEVIN BERING DUBROWSKI MARGARET NAEVE Interior designer and owner of M. Naeve Antiques and Uncommon Luxuries 1. My family home in Harbour Island, Bahamas. I love my escape to the pink sands and blue waters of Harbour Island. Margaret Naeve 2. Swedish Gustavian furniture. Swedish Gustavian tray table at M. Naeve antiques. The book My French Life by Vicki Archer. In the book, she uproots her life and moves to Provence, St. Remy. I love to daydream about my favorite village in Provence. 4. The scent of the Molton Brown candle Yuanzhis. 5. The work of Mark Mertens, Belgian architect and designer. His work is such a wonderful combination of old and new — in one room, you could find an 18thcentury floor paired with a contemporary painting. 6. Organic block-print fabrics by Madeline Weinrib. 7. Contemporary art, especially the works of Joe Mancuso and Mie Olise. 8. Hotel La Mirande in Avignon, France. It's small enough to allow a feeling of intimacy, with the charm of architectural features that evolved over years of additions. I love the kitchen and dining area with the open chef's table. 9. The lavender fields in Provence in the summer. The Carol Piper rug that is made from vintage silk textiles but newly woven in a method very similar to an antique Oushak rug. Rugs from this collection retail for approximately $130 per square foot. APRIL | PAGE 40 | 2013

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