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FRANCINE BALLARD OBJECTS THAT INSPIRE: 8. Huile de musc from Colette in Paris. 9. Deep-blue textured ivory/bone pyramid box. Founder & CEO, PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE: My aspirational spirit animal. A little one came and landed on our back patio (before we moved here) when we were looking at the house we live in now, and that's pretty much what sealed the deal for me. It was a sign! • Diana Vreeland, above all others, for her eccentricity, audacity, vivacity and wit. Particularly her "Why Don't You" column when she was still at Harper's Bazaar.  I find art and artists, creatives in general to be infinitely inspiring: • Tommy Ton. • Yves Saint Laurent. 1. Kate Moss. 2. Taylor Tomasi Hill. 3. Anja Rubik. 4. Street style. 5. Alber Elbaz at Lanvin. 6. Shelley Hesse. She is a New Orleans artist who did a collection for Anthropologie — celadon stoneware, So femme and spring. CRUSHING ON BLACK AND WHITE 11. Tony Hawkes at Kirna Zabete. 12. Chloé. 13. Saint Laurent Paris. 14. Waylande Gregory stool. 15. Balmain. 7. My fearless alpha females. Shown: Artist Ashley Longshore, sitting behind one of her paintings of Kate Moss. EMILY JACKSON "THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT." — Carine Roitfeld to I.D. magazine Andy Warhol's silkscreened portraits of Dominique de Menil Interior designer, Blair Gordon Design, Creative consultant/muse for Bernardo sandals 6. A silk scarf framed in Lucite. 7. The Beverly Hills Hotel. I have been spending a great deal of time here this year because of increased projects in L.A. There's nothing like the pink and white stripe. 1. Nude Bernardo sandal, style Dazzling. (Yes, I'm biased because I work with them.) Classics from the 1960s reinvented, reimagined, re-inspired by the modern woman. 2. Zac Posen nude dress. His entire spring collection in shades of nude, feminine tailoring, with flowing fabrics. 8. Peonies. This flower is my favorite to receive. 9. A white vintage Mercedes convertible. This would inspire me to drive to work early everyday. 3. Tom Ford Lip color that inspires beauty — this light pink is practically nude. Pairing with a pink cheek = spring. 10. White beach cruiser by Brooklyn Cruiser. Biking in beautiful Houston spring weather is the best.  The Menil Collection. Specifically the silkscreen portrait by Andy Warhol of Dominique De Menil — beautiful. 11. Campari and soda also helps with the creative process. 5. Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. I'm always inspired by this film and her menswear-inspired look. 12. Sharon Sides' acid-etched metal Sump chair. Paint your front door a bright color. Don't be scared — embrace color for spring. JULIE KINZELMAN 8. My father's mineral collection. These are perhaps among the most inspiring objects to me, both for their magnificence and sentiment. 9. The corkboard at my office. Pin-ups of gallery announcements featuring various artists that we find compelling. The wall itself is captivating. Founder and principal, Kinzelman Art Consulting APPEALING TO MY SENSES: Bethany Johnson's "Woven Landscapes" at Moody Gallery. Austinbased Johnson creates arduously beautiful, hand-drawn complex landscapes that vacillate between laborious cartographic records and sophisticated digital creations. 2. Abigail Reynolds' collage works at Ambach & Rice Gallery. This British artist mines images from books and photographs to create origami-like architectural assemblages that are captivating. Currently on my wish list. 3. Derrick Velasquez's vinyl sculptures at Robischon Gallery. Composed strips of colorful vinyl draped over a wooden form that through gravity dictates the shape of the work. Don't be surprised if you see one of these at my office or home soon. 4. J Crew's Vega metallic perforated sandals. These shoes are delicate and sexy — come on, it's metallic eyelet, perfect for Easter! I'm hopelessly addicted to all things J. Crew — prim, crisp and modern. 5. Pixies. My go-to music to disengage. Rambunctious, percussive heaven. 6. Tiny's No. 5 quinoa breakfast. About the only meal that I could imagine eating every day. Warm quinoa in cashew milk with granola and fresh-cut fruit — holy schmoly! 7. My flower-box succulents. I am fascinated with these textural specimens. They are strange and beautiful. APRIL | PAGE 41 | 2013 These hand-cut Lucite objects by Phillip Low are mesmerizing sculptural gems. My colleague, Adrienne Johnson Yost, included his work in a recent exhibition, and I've been coveting them ever since. 11. Bao Bao Issey Miyake Prism tote.

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