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Segregate and Congregate: Two Artful Evenings Ladies and gents chat amongst themselves for creative causes. BY SETH VAUGHAN. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL, DANIEL ORTIZ. Kate Criner Bellin W hen you separate the sexes for the sake of art, great things happen. At the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's One Great Night, art stalwarts of the male persuasion turned out in black tie to support the esteemed institution. As the men entered the Caroline Wiess Law Building, they were greeted by a stern 1944 M-8 tank, on loan from the Military History Museum downtown, which set the tone for a night inspired by the exhibition "War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath." Chairman Michael Linn oversaw the evening, Host Lisa which raised $1.58 million, making it one of the most Holthouse successful year in the event's 29-year history. The funds aided in the purchase of works including Roberto Matta's La Pipe, an Olmec vessel dating from 1500-1300BC and Nicolino Calyo's View of Ruins after the Great Fire in New York, 1835. The cigar-carrying crowd tucked into a hearty dinner care of City Kitchen following the previewing and voting on potential museum acquisitions. Honor guard: Meredith Long, Fayez Sarofim, MFAH director Gary Tinterow, Marty Goossen, Eddie Allen, Les Ballard, Peter Coneway, Thomas Glanville, Bob McNair, Lee Godfrey, and Jeff Hildebrand. Not to be out done, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston gathered a polished posse of ladies for the 22nd Another Great Night, which was originally conceived to cater to the wives of the men attending the MFAH dinner. Hostess Lisa Holthouse and cochairs Elizabeth Glanville and Nancy Littlejohn welcomed guests for the evening's trademark trivia contest tailored to the host's house and the ensuing supper catered by A Fare Extraordinaire. The fête raised $200,000 for the CAMH coffers. Given the Precious Gems and Femmes theme, it was fitting that the winning table received luscious loot from Deville Fine Jewelry. Quiz categories included art, terrific torsos, lakes and pools, and femmes and gems, all of which made for a sufficiently rousing night of ruthless benevolence. Fervent females: Marita Fairbanks, Susie Criner, Leslie Hull, Erica Levit, Elizabeth Young, Ann Hamman, Ann Kelsey, Betty Conner, Lisa Santos, Renée Lewis, Cabrina Owsley, Rainey Knudson, Alexandra Knight, and Kerry Inman. Michael Wellen Marita Fairbanks Jon Evans Jay Jones Kaitlin Mandic Becky Bratton Carol Barden Carol Ballard Ann Kelsey Rebekah Johnson Co-chair Elizabeth Glanville Bill Hill Bob McNair Gary Tinterow Cal McNair Some of the CAMH Night's Quizzical Queries: Kerry Inman Carol Farnsworth Barbara Gamson Sima Ladjevardian Rainey Knudson Cabrina Owsley Betty Conner Diane Tucker Estela Cockrell Ed Eubanks Trivia contest winners Ann Hamman Bill Arning 1. Femmes and Gems: What did the famous chef Julia Child always wear around her neck?____. Her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, was published in what year? ____. 2. Art: Pablo Picasso's Musketeer (1967) hangs over the fireplace, and his head (1939) hangs across the room. The latter painting on paper was made shortly after Picasso's Guernica (1937), which commemorated what important historical event in Spain?____. 3. Terrific Torsos: What is the name of the green patina that forms on bronze, copper and other metals that lends an antique air to artwork made of such materials? ____. 4. Lakes and Pools; Edward Potthast's Nocturne (1900), depicting a group at a lake's edge, is typical of the American Impressionist style. What medium was used to create this work on paper?____. Leigh Smith Terry Prather Marty Goossen Ursaline Hamilton Thomas Glanville Julie Peak Marley Lott Sissy Kempner Katie Barnhart Kelly Garwood Michael Gamson Peter Coneway Leslie Hull Carol Ballard ANSWERS: 1. Pearls; 1961. 2. Spanish Civil War. 3. Verdigris. 4. Pastel. Co-chair Nancy Littlejohn Chair Michael Linn

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