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Srasrisuwan, who hails from the south of Thailand, where the food is decidedly spicier (and Loetkhamfu, from the mountainous north), confides that women in Thailand are judged by the chile paste they create — the base for many dishes. At Kin Dee, only ingredients such as kafir lime leaves (grown on the patio) and fresh herbs and chiles are used; the dried variety is strictly verboten. Think you've had authentic pad thai? These ladies might argue that unless you've enjoyed it with the stir-fried rice noodles tossed with tamarind sauce and rolled up in a delicate egg omelet that has the delicacy and thickness of a crepe, you haven't truly experienced it ($16.95). Curry connoisseurs veer toward the northern-style curry Khao Soi, a soothing coconut milk-based stew redolent of turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and garlic, where tofu or another protein is tossed with a crisp, fried nest of noodles, fresh and soft saffron sponges atop three pâté-à-choux shells ($20). The popular butter chicken main course is labeled as an experience, proffering a trio of the classic curried butter-enriched tomato sauce, a more acidic tomato forward rustic one, and the clear version made with clarified tomato juice ($32). The Malwani lobster curry has humble origins; a coastal dish cooked traditionally by the fisherman's wife, the lobster tail is de-shelled tableside and presented on short-grain rice typical of the region ($38). Don't leave without trying Dal Makhni, a rich, smoky chili-laced black lentil dish stewed for 72 hours ($21), enjoyed alongside the made-to-order garlic naan ($5) baked in the custom tandoor. Desserts created by Ruchit Harneja are artful, modern interpretations of traditional Indian dishes and are almost too pretty to eat, like the Mishti Doi ($22). Musaafer, The Galleria, 713.242.8087, shallots, cabbage, and lime ($14.95). The pork dry noodles (Kuaytiaw Hang) are a hearty compilation of vermicelli-style rice noodles topped with ground pork, small pork-based meatballs, and chili brightened with fresh cilantro; topped with a crisp wonton in the shape of a bow ($14.95). Finish with Kin Dee's rendition of mango sticky rice ($10.95) or coconut ice cream, which is like a light sorbet with traditional toppings served alongside, from bean paste to sweet corn and coconut jelly cubes ($8.95). Open for lunch and dinner daily. Kin Dee Thai Cuisine, 1533 N. Shepherd Dr., 281.826.2655 KIN DEE (Continued from page 46) MUSAAFER Kin Dee Thai Cuisine restaurant ELVIS CAMPOS 90 Brittany Cassin knows Houston. Brittany Cassin is a real estate agent affiliated with Compass. Compass is a licensed real estate broker and abides by federal, state and local laws. Equal Housing Opportunity. Brittany Cassin Sales Agent, GRI, ABR 713.303.3070 12 years helping Houstonians $23M+ sold in 2019

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