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Retail Design Art Gallery, Boutique, Showroom Space, Salon, Spa PRoject: Moderno Design FiRm: Contour Interior Design leaD DesigneR: Nina Magon juDge's RemaRks: "Dramatic. Exciting. Dynamic." — Ray Booth "There's nothing about this space I don't love. Confident, powerful design in concept and execution. Bravo." — Jeffry Weisman RunneR-uP: Issac Preminger, Issac Preminger Architecture & Design Intl. for In the Black HosPitality Design Hotel, Restaurant, or Club (TIE) PRoject: Turner's Design FiRm: Issac Preminger Architecture & Design Intl. leaD DesigneR: Issac Preminger juDges' RemaRks: "Sexy." — Ray Booth PRoject: Porters Design FiRm: MaRS/Mayfield and Ragni Studio leaD DesigneRs: Kelie Mayfield, Erick Ragni juDges' RemaRks: "Handsome, chic, intimate, warm." — Ray Booth "I love everything about Porters, but the end block wall with the grid of cleavers is so brilliant that it alone warranted a score of 10. The backgrounds are as strong as the furnishings in the interior. I love the palette of cold greys and warm woods and brick." — Jeffry Weisman RunneRs-uP (3-Way tie): Issac Preminger, Issac Preminger Architecture & Design Intl. for The Annie Cafe & Bar. Lauren Rottet, Rottet Studio for C. Baldwin Hotel. Sean Garrison, Garrison Design Office for Penny Quarter. (continued from 64) HOUSTON PAPERCITY Design aWaRDs (Continued) Eric LaignEL Porters designed by MaRS/Mayfield and Ragni Studio Turner's designed by Issac Preminger Porters' grid of cleavers Moderno designed by Contour Interior Design Divya PanDE "THiS prOjecT iS familiar bUT Up-TO-daTe; iT'S cOzy aNd glam. THe ligHTiNg iS perfecT. i caN Hear THe barTeNder SHakiNg my marTiNi already." — Jeffry Weisman on Turner's 66

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